Why hello, stranger! 😉

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

Please, have a seat and take a drink… Let’s get to know each other better!

(ok, you’re probably sitting already, but let’s roll with it… Imagine the drink, too – or better yet, go and take the drink and then just pretend I was the one serving you! 😀 )



You might wonder “Who on Earth is this person?!”.

(it wouldn’t surprise me at all! 😀 )

Well, let me tell you right away.


My name is Natasa. I’m the one and only person behind Cute Little Paper.

(yeah, I know it should be written as Natasha, but it is actually Nataša, so I’ve decided to simply expel that “strange” letter, and go only with the “s” instead)


The long story short – after following “the logical life path” and spending more than a decade as a molecular biologist, I’ve decided to make a complete shift in my life and began doing something totally different but what deeply motivates and inspires me.

(no, I wasn’t been hit by a middle life crisis – I’m still not that old! 😀 )

I took the leap and became a one-woman show. (yes, bye-bye, working my b*** off for someone else, I’ll miss you… NOT! 😀 )

Speaking of a one-woman show, as a single mom of two little ones, that very well seemed like a completely crazy thing to do. (and everybody around me thought so – even without saying it – you could see it on their faces)

However, I still haven’t regretted my decision. (and hopefully, never will)


So – here I am! On my journey from inventing, to planning and building a lifestyle of my dreams. Superhero way!

(you got to give me credit for self-confidence! 😉 )



My mission is to empower you to step outside of your comfort zone, challenge yourself to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, to be satisfied with the way you use your time, and simply – to enjoy your life.

That’s why I’m working hard to make Cute Little Paper become the place where you could find motivation along with actionable tips, insights, and the resources which will help you smash your goals, manage your time, build a website/blog, or get some helpful (or just good ol’ fun! 😉 ) ideas which you can use in a day-to-day life.



With everything said, I suggest you start the tour from the home page. 🙂

Take a look around and see what I have for you at the moment.

And don’t forget – things change here over time!

If you’d like to stay in touch with the latest updates, bookmark this site (and don’t forget to visit it from time to time 😉 ) or subscribe to the mailing list – I won’t flood your inbox with emails, you can be sure about that!



I’m glad we’ve met!

Cheers to living the lifestyle of our dreams!