Want to know about Cute Little Paper? No problem!


But, first things first!


Believe it or not, Cute Little Paper is NOT about paper! Not in a direct meaning, at least… But, hey, don’t run for the hills just yet! You just might¬†be surprised… I do believe that (almost) anything can be done with a help of paper (and a pen/pencil, scissors, glue…).

So, for all of you out there who are into paper (and somehow mysteriously landed here), I want you to know this. In here you WILL find printables that serve as handy additions to the subjects that Cute Little Paper tackles with. …And who knows? Maybe you’ll want to use them… So, feel free to browse through, and if there’s really nothing for you in here, I’m waving you goodbye, and wishing you all the best in the future… ūüėČ


…And now, for the rest of you.


What is Cute Little Paper about?


No matter where you come from, how old are you, how much money you make, who do you live with… we all have our dreams, plans, wantings, ideas (etc.) that motivate us. Eventually, we all want the same thing – to be happy, no matter what form that happiness takes.

Cute Little Paper is in the same search – to have more time for the little things in life¬†because I truly believe that it is¬†the place to find happiness. Not in the¬†events that happen once or twice per year (or even in life), not in the expensive gifts, fancy outfits, cars… Those are all good things, but the¬†true happiness (at least to my mind)¬†comes from an¬†unexpected hug or smile, a kind word or gesture, a goofy time with a child/children, an inspiring¬†conversation, a play with the pet, a helping hand, a walk in the nature, a sound of the music you love… and those are all experiences which you can find in each day of anyone’s life.

“Let’s have more time for the little things in life!”

I am assured it can be done with the good planning, organization and goal strategy, knowing (and implementation) of time management and productivity, and with a little help of creativity along with motivation. And those are all the topics which Cute Little Paper is all about, or nicely put together:


Planning, Organization & Goals part of a puzzle

Planning, Organization & Goals;


Time Management & Productivity part of a puzzle

Time Management & Productivity;


Creativity & Motivation

Creativity & Motivation;


The Little Things part of a puzzle

The Little Things (that life is all about).


Now, since you know what I’m standing for, I’m inviting you to be a part of Cute Little Paper, so we could together discover, learn, grow and have fun in this journey called life.


Will you join me?


P.S. If you’d like to know the person who is behind this project, and also the how & why the Cute Little Paper was born, click¬†here. ūüėČ