Simple strategies you can apply right now to have more free time in a day

Simple Strategies You Can Apply Right Now To Have More Free Time In A Day

Would you like to get more free time in your days? (ok, you’re right, that was a totally unnecessary question!) I know, I know… Days seem to pass in a blink of an eye, and before you know it, it’s time to wrap everything up and go to bed. And if the rest of life happens only when you’re on vacation… Well, it just ain’t fun. So how can we get more free time? Here are some simple strategies you can apply right now to immediately enjoy their benefits.

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Not enough time? 6 reasons why you feel so - and ways to beat them for good!

Not Enough Time? 6 Reasons Why You Feel So & Ways To Beat Them For Good!

You woke up, had ambitious plans for the day, thought you had it all perfectly planned out, but somehow, without even realizing, a day has gone by and your to-do list is not even halfway done. (empty feeling of an unproductive day) Sounds familiar? If you’re serious to put an end to it, apply these strategies and be satisfied with each hour of your day.

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Master your time - 9 common pitfalls to avoid and ways to beat each one!

9 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Managing Your Time – And What To Do To Overcome Each One

There’s a quote from Alan Lakein – Time equals life; therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life. You have to agree, there’s some truth in it (if not A LOT!). Therefore, to help you master your time the best way possible, I’ve compiled a list of 9 most common mistakes in time management with brief solutions how to overcome them. Make the most out of your time! Enjoy life!

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What is procrastination whispering to you? (plus quick action tips to snap out of it!)

What Is Procrastination Whispering To You? Plus Quick Action Tips To Snap Out Of It

The moment has (finally!) come to talk about one major productivity killer. Procrastination! The all so dreaded force which keeps us from accomplishing the tasks we should do. It whispers so gently to us, and we start to believe those thoughts are our own. It is time to uncover what procrastination wants you to believe in and get the action tips on how to quickly snap out of it.

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9 best kept secrets to create the extra time and still do the work

9 Best Kept Secrets To Create Extra Time (And STILL Do The Work!)

Know the feeling when you just wake up, but before you know it, the day has almost come to an end? You look back and realize that (yet another) day has passed, and it hasn’t been productive as you hoped to be. “If I could only have more time…” so often goes through the mind… Well, seek no further then! Here are my 9 secrets to get an “extra” time you want (and deserve).

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