Let’s be real about this.


If you’re doing all of this by yourself, then blogging is a lot of work.

A lot!

(although it appears to be so simple for everybody else, right?)

On top of everything you have to learn, create, and do, you’re not looking only after yourself.

You don’t have the luxury to have a whole day solely at your disposal or the freedom to create the schedule at your own will.

(hint: you’re not the only person in¬†your household and you need to be synchronized with their schedule, as well)


One more thing worth mentioning.

I’m sure not a day goes by without you seeing some article which claims that whatever you’ve set to achieve can be done in a super-simple and fast way.

Any of these ring a bell – “from 0 to 1000 subscribers in a week”, “how to get 10.000 page views in a month”, “earn 100.000$ from your blog in a year”?

(you must have seen those – and many more!)


And yet, you’re not getting 1000 subscribers per week or 10.000 page views in a month, plus there are high chances you probably didn’t earn 100.000$ from your blog (at least not just yet! ūüėČ ).

So it comes¬†as no surprise why you might feel…






(add your thing)


Low blogging motivation


Yes, there are moments when everyone¬†feels so…

But now it’s time to STOP it!

(so snap out of it as soon as you can, darling!)


You may or may not be aware of this, but YOU ALONE should be the only reference point worth checking.

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), you can never know the complete back-story the other person has.

So, never compare yourself to others.



As long as you’re showing up, you’re making progress (even if you don’t see it for yourself).

But don’t take my word for it.

Have a look for yourself.

Track and write down the progress you make over a certain time span.

That way you’ll clearly visualize¬†the growth of your blog (or your personal one).

And you’ll have the motivation to keep going and get better & better with each day. ūüôā


To help you see how awesome you’re doing with your blog, I’ve made My Blog Growth Bundle (which you can take for free, of course).


And, as always, you’re invited to visit the blog section (in this case, Motivation & Inspiration) and have a look at the posts there.



Here’s to your success!