The one big reason why you might not achieve your goal #goalsetting #goalachieving #goalgetter #goaldigger
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The One BIG Reason Why You Might Not Achieve Your Goal

Let me guess…

You’ve set a goal but eventually didn’t achieve it.

And maybe you even tried to accomplish the same goal more than once.

With the same outcome (you know, the one you don’t want to brag about).

But now, you got mad and decided it’s time to put an end to it!

Once and for all!

Well, good for you!

But the only question remains – how?

You already tried and didn’t succeed…

(I feel you; I know how it is, to experience a big drop in motivation at those moments…)

However, fear not!

I’m revealing to you the one (big) reason why your goal wasn’t achieved.

It took me some time to grasp it myself! 😉

But once you see what lies beneath it, new perspectives will open up, and the future of your goals will be stellar…

So I’m sure that the next time, nailing your goal will be a much easier task.

The biggest reason why you didn't achieve your goal #goalachiever #goalgetter #goalsetting

But first, may I ask you one question?

Before I uncover what I found to be the most beneficial possession to have when you want to achieve a goal, there’s one thing I want to ask you.

Can you guess (or think of) what is THE one thing your goal should align with?

(now, there should be a little pause, with the sound of crickets… or instrumental music – pick whichever you like better)

Got your answer?

Here’s mine.

In a nutshell, a good goal is the one that aligns with YOU!

Yes, you!

Now you may wonder: “Why to heck is she telling me such a thing? Of course my goal aligns with me, it’s MINE after all!”.

Well, although it appears so, things are often not the way they seem.

There Is One Big Reason Why Goals Are Not Achieved. If You Don't Want Your Goal To End The Same Way, You Better Find Out What That Reason Is.

Allow me to explain.

Have you ever set a goal, but when the time for its realization came, you found yourself mostly dragging along, not having the will to accomplish (or even start) the necessary step?

That feeling of chronic unwillingness just might be the sign that your goal doesn’t come from your true self.

Now, don’t get me wrong, occasional lack of willpower and motivation happens even with the best goal possible.

However, that phase usually lasts a relatively short amount of time.

The problem is if you feel so most of the time.

What does this mean?

The thing about goals is this.

They’re fairly easy to set, but the hardest part is to get all the way to their end.

(go figure! 😀 )

And if you’re not focused, persistent, and maybe the most of all – motivated, there are high chances you won’t get far with them.

Because achieving goals depends upon taking action.

However, I assume there was a time when you felt like being in forced labor when the time came to make that step?

(what? not?… it can’t be only me?!)

And if that feeling stubbornly persists, that, my dear fellow, is a sure signal something’s not right.

Instead of facing each part of the path to goal achievement with courage, positive attitude, and belief in yourself, your will and enthusiasm slowly melt until the desire to reach your goal disappears completely.

A terrible downward spiral!

But, I don’t want that for you (or for myself)!

Goals Are Easy To Set, But Hard To Achieve. Here's One Thing Which Influences Goals' Outcome The Most.

The one big reason why you might not achieve your goal #goalsetting #goalachieving #goalgetter #goaldigger

What is the solution, then?

As I’ve said before, aligning your goals with you is the best way to make sure you’ll achieve them.

When your goals are connected with you on a much deeper level, when they are tied to your dreams, values, priorities, and ambitions, you can almost be certain nothing can stand in the way of achieving them.

No matter the odds and the challenges you might be facing along the way, I’m super-sure that you can and will find a way to make it work.

So, whenever you’re questioning yourself if you can do it, and is it worth it, remember this.

You hold the key to make it happen.

You always have and always will.

Remember the reasons why you’ve wanted to pursue the goal in the first place.

If the reasons still deeply resonate with you, go after your goal with all your might.

Simply start, and with each step, you’re getting closer to becoming the person you want to be.

Here’s to achieving your goals!

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The biggest reason why you didn't achieve your goal #goalachiever #goalgetter #goalsetting

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