3 wide spreaded blogging myths - are they true or false? www.cutelittlepaper.com #blogging #bloggingmyths #blogger

3 Wide Spreaded Blogging Myths – Are They True Or False?

Dear fellow blogger (or a blogger-to-be), by now you’ve probably heard or read a lot of articles that glorify blogging as the ultimate form of work for a freedom-based lifestyle. Not to pop your rainbow-colored bubble, but not everything that glitters is gold, you know. Other more long-term bloggers got this figured out by themselves over time, but I want to save you the trouble and tell you straight ahead. 😉 So here they are – 3 most common blogging myths you should be well aware of. True or false? Let’s see…

How to create a blogging schedule that works when you're also a mom www.cutelittlepaper.com #blogging #blogschedule #momblogger #blogtips
Time Management & Productivity

Newbie Blogger Mom’s Guide – Create A Blogging Schedule That Works

The difference between owning and growing a blog is in creating and following a good schedule. Such schedule will allow you to work on your new passion while also being a caring mom for your little ones (and keep the motivation, health, and sanity in place!).

How you can organize family life and household tasks in one place www.cutelittlepaper.com #familylife #householdtasks #organizelife
Planning & Organization

Looking For Ways To Organize Family Life And Household Tasks In One Place? Try This Out!

I know, I know… There are your own work and personal wantings/needs, but also food to cook, home to clean, kids to drop off and pick up, homework to check, laundry to fold, errands to do… Every day there are so many tasks which you need to do and juggle them the best way you can. Maybe what I’m sharing here can give you a helping hand to achieve it all.

6 reasons why you don't have enough time and how to turn it around www.cutelittlepaper.com #timemanagement #productivity #timemanagementtips
Time Management & Productivity

Not Enough Time? 6 Reasons Why You Feel So & Ways To Beat Them For Good!

You woke up, had ambitious plans for the day, thought you had it all perfectly planned out, but somehow, without even realizing, a day has gone by and your to-do list is not even halfway done. Sounds familiar? If you’re serious to put an end to it, apply these strategies and be satisfied with each hour of your day.

9 common pitfalls in time management and how to overcome them www.cutelittlepaper.com #timemanagement #timemanagementtips #productivity
Time Management & Productivity

9 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Managing Your Time – And What To Do To Overcome Each One

There’s a quote from Alan Lakein – Time equals life; therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or master your time and master your life. You have to agree, there’s some truth in it (if not A LOT!). Therefore, to help you master your time the best way possible, I’ve compiled a list of 9 most common mistakes in time management with brief solutions how to overcome them. Make the most out of your time! Enjoy life!

How to send mealtime hassles into history www.cutelittlepaper.com #mealtime #mealplanning #menuplan
Planning & Organization

Meal Planning – How To Send Mealtime Hassles Into History

Tired of questions “What to prepare for lunch/dinner? Do I have the ingredients for it? Will the kids eat it? Will I spend the entire day in a kitchen?”? If you are, this one is a true lifesaver – a meal planning system which will help you sends mealtime hassles into history! Bon appetite! 😉