Starting a blog means entering a whole new world.

(you can take my word on it, or maybe you already know it yourself)

And since you’re also a mom (and most likely with a young child, as my crystal ball tells me 😉 ), working on your blog can be a challenge.


Just to let you know, we’re all in the same boat…

(looks familiar?)


I work - but not alone


(that’s me, working on this blog… well, you can tell I’m not alone – so much on the topic of being distraction-free…)


And let’s not mention other household tasks that also await you, or perhaps even another job…


Therefore, creating a schedule which allows you to grow your blog but also have time for family (and everything else in life!) is paramount.

You can take a look at my experience, and see what I’ve discovered to be vital ingredients in this process.


Also, in the blogging section of this site, you can find other blog-related tips, stories, and ideas.


But that’s not all.

(and it’s not Buggs Bunny! 🙂 )


If you’re in search to freshen up your blog images, I have just the thing for you – 8 free stock photos to take and use them on your blog or social media. 😉



Overall, I’m happy and glad you’ve decided to become a part of the blogging world!

To your success! 🙂