25 fun and free things to do by yourself
Enjoy Life!

25 Things To Do By Yourself -For Free-

Hey, I’m so glad you’ve decided to take a moment of your time and check out this great list of things to do by yourself – that also don’t cost a thing. 🙂 

In case we’re meeting for the first time (and there’s a high chance for it), I’m a big fan of the little things in life – you know, those really little things that can brighten up your day.

What I love about them the most is their simplicity, their accessibility, and the warm feeling they bring to the heart.

Maybe you’re fond of them, too…

So I’ve decided to create a post series dedicated to those little things that make our lives happier and complete.

(you can also check out my posts about 25 things to do in a relationship and 10 big little things to do with family and friends)

Now, this time I wanted to share some ideas about things to do by yourself that also don’t cost a thing – mainly because I wanted to show there are activities that can be both priceless and free.

You know the phrase, money doesn’t buy happiness.

It’s made for a reason!

(Although, technically, whatever you do – if you’re using some tangible un-reusable item – could be considered as having an expense of some sort. But let’s not be meticulous. The ideas here are doable either for free or for almost next to nothing. 🙂 )

So, are you ready?

Let’s brighten up our days, it’s time for the little things!

(Woo-hoo!…) 🙂



Depending on your current energy level, or just a personal preference, take a break this very moment from whatever you’re into and meditate or exercise for about 15 minutes.

(I think it’s needless to point out their positive effects)

Take a relaxing shower or a bubble bath

With only a little extra effort, you can transform a regular self-care activity into a very pleasant experience.

Just by adding some music, scented candles, or a glass of your favorite beverage, you can create a five-stars event out of your regular routine.

Write in a journal

You don’t need to have some fancy journal for this job (unless you specifically want to) – a regular notebook will also serve the purpose, and you can always decorate it later to make it prettier.

(don’t believe me? check out my bullet journal for beginners guide to see the real truth!)

You’ll see it for yourself – not long after you start a journal, you’ll discover it can truly be your special place.

In it, you can write about your dreams and desires, your thoughts, about the things you’re grateful for, the events and conversations that made your day happier…

(if you’re stuck on ideas, I have posts filled with daily journaling prompts you can use 😉 )

Or just write about whatever goes through your mind at the moment.

Everything’s acceptable!

Printable bullet journal beginners set templates

Create a vision board

Making a vision board is both fun and useful.

While creating it, you’re focused on presenting your sparkly future (can’t be anything else! 😉 ) in a visually appealing manner.

Not just you’ll have fun while searching for the right, uplifting images and/or quotes, and afterward cutting, gluing, and decorating the pieces together, but later on, it will be a very effective place to go to if/when in need for some extra motivation boost. (which -you have to agree- we all need from time to time)

Take some free online course

There are so many online courses nowadays with so many different topics to choose from.

Whatever may be your passion, somewhere out there’s a course for you.

(and yes, it can be found for free)

So why not try to freshen up your knowledge on some of your old hobbies, or add new insights to your current one?

Or maybe some course on self-development or even one related to your profession?

It could be useful, fun, and also inspiring.

Some of my favorite courses can be found at Alison, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and edX. (do check out some of those! 😉 )

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Read a book

If you ask me, my favorite time to read a book is in the evening, when all of the chaos of the day has ended, and the quiet time has come.

(yay to that! 🙂 )

My “reading hour”, as I like to call it, has easily become a part of my evening routine, which I’m looking forward to each day.

The evening is the perfect moment when I like to snuggle in a cozy spot, turn on a small, discrete lamp, sometimes even light a scented stick, take a book – and read.

Do try it out for yourself!

(bonus: if you’re in bed, when you start to feel tired, you can just turn to the side and fall asleep! 😀 )

And, if you’re both a book and a bullet journal lover, check out the pages you should really have in your BuJo.

Write a letter to a dear friend or a family member

And by that, I mean a real, handwritten letter – not an email!

Do you remember when was the last time you did it, or even if you did it at all?

(I have to admit, it’s been several years for me, I guess it’s about the time to listen to my own advice! 😉 )

Even though it may be passé (and it surely takes longer than just a phone call), that is the exact reason why the person you’re writing to will be pleasantly surprised.

And isn’t it a great feeling knowing you’ve made someone’s day?

Make a plan

What is one of your dreams?

Maybe it’s a vacation at an exotic destination, starting (or finding) a job which fulfills you, building a country-house, having a get-together of all dear friends you haven’t seen in a while, or something else?

Whatever your desire is, set some time aside and make a plan for it.

Call it (and make it) your new, exciting goal.

Make a greeting card & send it to someone

Why not make a personalized and unique greeting card and send it to someone dear to you?

It doesn’t have to be the New Year to do it, ya’ know?

(end even better if it’s not! It’ll make the surprise even greater!)

This idea is good both for the mind and for the heart.

By making a greeting card you stimulate your brain to come up with some creative ideas while also engaging your emotions into it.

25 awesome things to do by yourself. Infographic.

Take photographs

You don’t have to be a pro-photographer or have the best camera, light, or even surroundings to take pictures.

Goodwill, a phone with a camera (which I’m sure you already have), and some idea will do just fine for a start.

Get inspired!

Take photographs of the world around you, snap the big picture or just a tiny fraction of it.

You might be surprised by ending up with one fun portfolio in your possession.

Everybody has at least a few items around the house that are not being used anymore.

(c’mon! it can’t be only me! 😛 )

It could be anything from clothing and shoes to small household items, furniture, or tools.

Instead of just taking the space, consider donating those items where appropriate.

Not only it’ll mean (even a lot) to someone, but you will also feel better knowing you helped a person.

As a bonus, you organized your home a bit and have less clutter to deal with in the future.

Depending on your personal preferences, broaden your artistic horizons by attending a free concert, a museum exhibition, or an art gallery.

Every now and then (where I live, quite often in the summertime, I must say) you can find a free art exhibition, open-air cinemas, music shows, or special free-entry museum days.

Keep an eye on such opportunities by staying updated with a calendar of events in your place of living, and do visit an event or two when you find the one which matches your interests.

Be inspired by observing (and enjoying!) the world from an artistic point of view. 🙂

Take a walk in the park

To me, nothing beats nature.

It’s the simplest and sometimes most effective way to…

Well, …everything!

To clear your mind, to de-stress and relax, to get inspired, to stay in the shape, and of course, to cheer up your day.

You don’t have to do something special, a little light walk or just sitting on the bench and feeding the birds or watching the people (and animals) around you will surely brighten up your day.

Turn on the music and dance

Yeah to this one!

Who’s with me here?

If you haven’t done this already, you’re missing out on all the fun!

(and I have to ask you, are you a human?)

My favorite: turn on the music and make it LOUD!

Yeeee! Rock on! 🙂

Learn a new language

Ok, the truth is this one is no quickie.

It takes time to learn a new language.

(and even a whole lot of it, if you want to really dive deep)

However, consistency and taking small steps each day will eventually get you the results.

So, the next time you’re visiting a foreign country (and it just so happens you know their language 😉 ), you can hop in and engage in a conversation as if you were (almost) a local. 🙂

Duolingo (www.duolingo.com) is one great site where you can learn a language for free!

(it’s really awesome, do check it out if you’re planning to learn a language!)

Count your blessings

It’s easy to get caught up in the never-ending tasks, looking for the next thing to get done.

But it’s a good thing to stop every now and then and take a look at what you’ve accomplished, who was there for (and with) you, and what you already have.

Sometimes (or maybe even most of the time?), it’s not about chasing the next (big) thing, it’s about being content with what you already have.

Inspirational quote Enjoy the little things

Ride a bike/go rollerblading/skating

Who enjoys being outside?

I know I sure do!

Any activity which involves being out in fresh air will surely bring a smile to your face.

It’s true that these activities demand a little bit more energy, but they’re making up for it by keeping you in the shape.

As a bonus, it’s nice to look at the surroundings while riding a bike or rollerblading, and if it’s winter – then skating is the thing to go for!

Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle

Sit in your favorite chair, or on a couch or sofa, lift your feet up, take a glass of your favorite beverage and a pen, and exercise your brain with these mind-stimulating puzzles (while relaxing your body at the same time).

You can even make a challenge out of it!

For example, how many sudoku puzzles can you solve in 15 minutes?

Try to set a new record each time. 😉

Have fun!

Try gardening

People are drawn to nature, so don’t pretend you’re an exception!

Being outside can both relax and stimulate the mind and the body.

One nice hobby to have is gardening.

Depending on your affinities, you could grow various flowers, or even make a little (or bigger!) orchard or vegetable garden of your own.

(it probably won’t be enough to actually live on it, but I’m sure the fruits & veggies you’ve grown will have the sweetest taste! 😉 )

And if you don’t have a yard, don’t feel left behind!

A couple of pot plants will do the same trick, whether they are on a balcony or inside your home.

Visit the local church

Do loud noise, crowd, and never-ending rush seem to surround you most of the day?

(and days, and days in a row)

Sometimes all you might need is a little peace and quiet.

(trust a mother of two little ones on this one!)

The solution might be to visit a local church (or any other place which is your place of worship) to get some peace and clarity back.

There you will have the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, to contemplate the life you’re living, your direction, and your path without being disturbed.

It’s a place to feel humbled and grateful for the things you have.

Simply, it’s where you get a different perspective on the life you live and its purpose.


When I was a kid, knitting and sewing were considered to be regular duties to almost all grannies at the time. 😀

But, times changed, and nowadays it is considered more as a hobby.

(and a quite useful one, too!)

Knitting, in particular, is one good stress-relieving activity.

(it’s proven that repetitive movements lower the stress and the tension we may feel).

So, if it looks appealing to you – knit or sew!

(and send me the picture of your handiwork when done! 🙂 )

Practice drawing or painting

This one is similar to knitting and sewing (when it comes to relieving the stress) but on a different level.

Maybe knitting’s not your thing, and you’re more of an illustrator-type of person.

But even if you think you’re not good at this, give it a try.

As you know, practice makes perfect.

(and this one is no exception!)

Through drawing or painting, you can set your imagination free, discover and create strange, wonderful, and/or magical worlds!

(check out my monthly doodle challenges for ideas and inspiration)

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Learn to play some musical instrument

Yeah, this one is a tough one…

You won’t do it in a day, ya’ know?

(unless banging at pans is considered as being a drummer. No, wait… that’s what my kids think! 🙂 )

But if the music is the art you love the most, maybe you should consider learning how to play the musical instrument of your dreams.

Or any, as a matter of fact.

It could be your source of great satisfaction.

(and you’ll also get beautiful songs to listen to)

Plus, you’ll be a favorite guest at your friends’ parties! 😉

Do something really silly (and maybe even weird!)

You know, the things you always wanted to do but were too embarrassed to do in front of other people…

(come on, I know you have them… 😀 )

If such a thing can be pulled off in the privacy of your home (or maybe in your yard, if no one can see you), go for it!

Take a shower with your clothes on, go outside when it rains without an umbrella and dance, paint your face whatever way you want, or wear that ridiculous costume you always wanted.

(what?! just me?! 😀 )

You’ll find no better time for such things than when being alone!


Yes, you’ve read it well.

I know what you think…

“This is not an activity!”

But actually, it’s quite needed.

We all have a more or less hectic lifestyle, with a million and one things to do each day.

And sleep is often sacrificed to make all those tasks happen.

Yet, when we don’t sleep well (or enough), we run out of our “fuel” faster, and that is also accompanied by unwillingness and grumpiness.


Nobody wants that!

So, yes – get some sleep, you’ll be much happier and more willing to do whatever you have to do the next day.

(or in the same day, if you took just a quick afternoon nap) 🙂

Your turn now.

What are your favorite little things to do that brighten up your days?

Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

And promise me (and yourself!) never to forget to have (at least) a little spark of happiness in each day! 😉

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