3 wide spreaded blogging myths - are they true or false? www.cutelittlepaper.com #blogging #bloggingmyths #blogger

3 Wide Spreaded Blogging Myths – Are They True Or False?

Hey, there, awesome! 🙂

Let me assume you still haven’t started blogging or you are fresh in it – because at that point this article makes the most sense to read. (of course – all are welcomed to read this despite the length of their blogging experience 😉 )

By now, you’ve probably heard or read a lot of articles that glorify blogging as the ultimate form of work for a freedom-based lifestyle. (not a bad thing to strive for, that’s for sure…)

However, the point of this post is to put certain things into perspective – so you know right up front what you can expect out of blogging and don’t feel demotivated (or cheated) along the way.

Not to pop your rainbow-colored bubble, but not everything that glitters is gold, you know. Other more long-term bloggers got this figured out by themselves over time, but I want to save you the trouble and tell you straight ahead.

So here I present to you… (imagine some dramatic music here 😀 )

… the 3 most common blogging myths!

Are they true? Are they false?

Take a look and see!

3 wide spreaded blogging myths - are thay true or false? www.cutelittlepaper.com #blogging #bloggingmyths #blogger

Blogging myth #1 – Blogging is super-easy

“You have got to be kidding, right? Are you telling me blogging is hard work? You only have to write an article and then publish it. All without moving away from your home. How hard can that be?”

That is how it appears for the rest of the world (by that I mean the non-blogging part of the Earth – which gets smaller and smaller with each day! 😀 ).

Well, let’s get this straight.

If your blog is your hobby, then you might be right about this. It really can be as simple.

However, if you’re thinking about it as an extension of your business (or as a business on its own) – as most people do, then you’re in for surprise.

First of all, my superhero friend, you don’t want to write just any article, I assume?

It should be at least as powerful and meaningful as you, and the most important – it should help people.

(“How to eat ice cream the right way” is not something people will rave about. Unless they’re toddlers and should really learn about it – but they can’t read yet, so… you get the point.)

Writing a good quality article takes more than 15 minutes of your time. (or maybe you do have that superpower, I don’t know… but the majority of us are not that lucky…)

Anyhow, the whole story doesn’t end there.

You should prettify it (yes, it’s a new word, but I’m sure you understand its meaning).

I’m talking about adding some images to it. Nice ones, preferably. (and don’t forget to make them pinnable, too!) Which adds up to more work as well.

And there are some other stuff as well (such as editing your post, tweaking it for the keywords and search engines ranging, brainstorming the best title, adding content upgrades – and all the other things which go along…), but let’s assume you’re done with everything and your post will (finally) see the light of the day.

You published it.


That’s the end. You’re finito now, right?


Do you know how many blogs are out there? How do you think people will find that masterpiece of yours?

So the promotion of your post begins. (not my favorite part, I have to admit, but it is necessary)

This part can take waaay more time and effort than all the previous steps. (I won’t get into it here, it’s just too much at the moment, just trust me on this one, ok?)

By now you may realize blogging is not “only-write-an-article kind of job” as it seemed.

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But the work is not over yet!



Since you’re a blogger, you’re at least on some social media channel. Meaning – you have to take care of those tasks as well! Depending on the channel you’re in, your audience (no matter if it’s zero or 10k+), the frequency, and the type of your content – there’s more work as well.

You have to develop the content to share on social media, interact and engage with people (that’s what it’s all about, right?), or figure out ways how you can reach your audience so they even know you exist – all of which takes more work.

And don’t forget – as a blogger, you should also set aside some time to learn.

Yes, learn. Continually.

Even if you think you know everything about your topic of interest (which is a questionable statement, I have to say), in an online world some new moments always emerge – and you should keep up with them (or at least be informed about their existence).

(a little pause to get the brain back together, all of this might be mind-blowing 😀 )

So, if you thought blogging is easy work, you now hopefully understand it’s not as simple as it seemed.

Calculate for it upfront – if you’re planning to go for it.

You know, just to save yourself from the question “What have I got myself into?!” later on (said in a semi-agonizing way, of course!).

3 wide spreaded blogging myths - are they true or false? www.cutelittlepaper.com #blogging #bloggingmyths #blogger

Blogging myth #2 – As a blogger, I’ll have plenty of free time on a side (to do whatever I like)

Again, another thing that appears to be the truth.

This is how it looks like to younger people “Cool! I can travel the world and make shiz loads of money while having incredible fun along the way!”.

To most moms, it looks like this “This is wonderful! I can have a work-from-home job and take care of my kids at the same time!”.

The male version might be (obviously, I’m not a guy, but let’s assume I’m right about this) “I can tell my boss to f*** off and live even better than now!” (on the other hand, when I think better, this statement might be universal to both sexes 😀 ).

The reality?

It depends.

If you’re a “blogger-veteran” – and a well-established one – this could partly be true.

You’d have enough experience under your belt to know what “works” for your audience and what you should focus on (and you’ll HAVE an audience to work for – which is a beginner bloggers’ dream), you’d given enough value to your audience and you’d have their trust in return which is precious for anything you do with your blog, you’d also develop a well-established routine and you could assess the time you’d need for certain tasks way better than in the beginning, and let’s not forget – you’d have more profit from blogging (if you placed everything right) so you can outsource and delegate a number of blogging tasks.

That’s what will make an impact on your lifestyle and free up your time.

But, as a beginner blogger, you can forget about living this lush way in the nearer future.

Because (take a look at the first blogging myth) – there is a lot of work to do upfront before you get to this place.

However, use this knowledge as a motivation to keep you going.

It is possible to create a freedom-lifestyle by blogging, and you are capable enough to achieve it.

But it takes your time and effort first.

Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t give up (it’s worth it).

3 wide spreaded blogging myths - are they true or false? www.cutelittlepaper.com #blogging #bloggingmyths #blogger

Blogging myth #3 – I’ll earn 1k+ $ monthly soon after starting a blog

You know the titles which are everywhere around the net?

“How I earned X $ (usually a three figure number or close to it) in my X (up to 3rd) month of blogging”

Exactly because of these, many people are entering the blogging world with an idea to make a quick buck.

And I get it.

We all like to have money.

(unless you have the rarest condition on the planet Earth – buckyuckitus – which is yuckiness to money – but I highly doubt!)

Now, there’s nothing wrong with profiting from your work (we already agreed blogging is not some easy work, right?). Especially if you want to make a business out of it – in which case it’s a must. 

But what’s wrong in this picture is that it gives the impression of money effortlessly flowing to you in a matter of days.

(yeah, right! When was the last time a sack of gold coins fell out of the sky for you? What, never?! I thought it happens all the time! – and yes, I’m being ironic here)

Now, some of those titles might be real, but because I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, let’s bust what actually lies behind them.

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Reason #1 – It’s not their first blog

Many of those titles might come from new blogs, but the owners are not new to blogging.

Somehow, they forgot to mention along the way that it’s their 5th blog and they already have significant experience under their belt.

(I’m talking about years or even decades in some cases!)

Do I need to point out this makes things so much easier due to a number of reasons?

If nothing else, in the very beginning there is a steep learning curve to overcome first. (not a thing which you’ll accomplish in a month or two – if you plan to actually live life along the way.)

Reason #2 – Following

This one kinda leans on the previous.

If it’s not their first blog, they could repurpose both some content from the previous blog(s), and also – the audience.

One or two emails telling “Hey! I’m launching my new blog about…” and they already got themselves some decent following to start with.

This is not an easy thing for most new bloggers to build in such a short period of time – I think we all can agree on this.

Reason #3 – Investment

Depending on the budget invested in the blog, the speed of reaching the results (which in this case is the sound of the money pouring into your bank account) may vary.

Blogging is a cheap business to start (I’m talking reeeealy cheap!), and therefore bloggers usually begin with making a minimal investment in it. (you know, “I’ll invest more once I start to get some money out of it.” kind of mindset…)

But reaching a larger audience (and bringing in some cash) can be easier by using paid marketing methods (if done right).

Reason #4 – Topic

Let’s face it.

Some topics are simply easier to be monetized.

Like – everyone would like to get an extra buck on a daily level – plus if it doesn’t take some time & effort, right? On the other hand, not everyone’s into making cane baskets.

Oh, my! Well, this is so unexpected, I would have never guessed! Most of the blogs with titles that we talk about here fall into the first category! What a surprise! (you can guess my tone, right?)

So if your blog doesn’t share their niche, why compare?

And just for your information – I believe you can make a profitable blog out of any niche, but there is a difference in the time which will take to get there.

Reason #5 – What are we talking about, actually?

And finally, there is one more thing left.

What represents the number mentioned in those spectacular titles?

Is it revenue or profit?

There is a difference between what you gross earn at the end of the month, and what’s left in your pockets (or on your bank account) after counting in all the expenses.

In a blogging world, those might be hosting, email providers, numerous subscriptions used to operate a blog (landing pages, social media scheduling tools), various fees (for an example, e-commerce platforms, obtaining images), payments to the virtual assistant(s) or other outsourcing services…

Overall, it can add up, and when you calculate the result, the end sum might not be as impressive as it appeared in the beginning.

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The bottom line – you can find a lot of information about blogging on the net – and not everything is how it seems.

Use your better judgment to weed out the truth from all sensationalistic articles you might run into.

If you decide to become a blogger – be persistent, and I’m sure you’ll be successful sooner or later.

(I mean, come on! You’re a superhero, right?! And what superhero can’t figure out blogging?!)

So, hop in and enjoy the ride!

P.S. As I said, promotion is not my jam (hopefully, someday it will be better), so you can help your fellow superhero by sharing this article!

Thanks! 🙂

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