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All You Need To Know To Set And Accomplish Any Goal

Hey there, I’m glad you’re here – welcome to the first post in the “A Good Goal Is Worth Gold” series dedicated to …

You’ve guessed it!


You see, personally, I have a thing (or two! 😉 ) about goals.

Not only do I love to create them, but there are other things that make goals super-fun!


Putting your dreams into the real world (the first step to make anything possible is to reveal it and acknowledge it, ‘ya know!), or…

Planning, testing, and discovering ways to reach that goal, and…

Learning and growing personally or professionally throughout the process (my favorite part, I have to admit! 🙂 )


Due to my passion for goals, I envisioned this to be a place where you can find resources that tackle every single aspect of the whole goal setting/achieving process, from even the pre-defining stage until its realization.

(P.S. It should also work for any goal you can think of!)

Therefore, if you’re new to making goals, this will be a good spot to get the info you need so you can start creating (and achieving!) some goals on your own.

But first, I would like to address one common misconception about goals, the one that many of us make at least at one point in time. And that is…

The connection between goals and New Year

There are high chances it’s about New Year’s time and you’re reading this.

Am I right?

And that’s the thing I don’t get.

Goals are such a hot topic around the New Year when everybody talks about them (and creates them).

And then the NY passes, and…

(almost) crickets.

Why so?

Sure, I know it’s the famous New Year’s resolutions time.

And psychologically, we do perceive it as a new beginning (the same way we view Monday, or the beginning of each month).

As a new chance to be and do better.

And at those moments we are all excited about entering new possibilities.

We hope that the year ahead of us will be THE one of our dreams.

And so we make lists with numerous wishes, desires, and goals, putting great expectations in things to come.

Inevitably, the year passes.

When summarizing, some goals are achieved and some are not.

And speaking of which – here’s one shocking, not-so-happy fact to get the picture of the effectiveness of New Year resolutions.

Did you know that statistically, more than 90% of people DON’T achieve them? 😮

(well, that’s a lot by my standards!)

More Than 90% Of People Don't Achieve Their New Year Resolutions - Here's How Not To Become A Part Of That Statistics. Click To Tweet

I think that speaks enough about the (un)effectiveness of the New Year resolutions.

My point?

New Year’s day is just a day in a calendar (along with a lot more days in a year, as well).

And what would you do if some super-fabulous idea suddenly appeared to you in the middle of the year?

(which quite often can be the case)

Should you wait the next year to start so you could make it an “official” goal?

Absolutely not!

So, I think it’s time we stop thinking about goals only around January.

Our ideas, inspiration, and passions are neverending!

And any time is a good time to come up with a superb idea which you would love to get your hands on (as of yesterday) & make your reality!

A good goal is worth gold

Now that I got that weight off my chest, it’s time to address other, more important things, and those are…

How to set and achieve a goal.

My idea was to create this post as a reference point from where you can freely navigate through different parts of the goal-setting/achieving process, depending on what you’re interested in and want to know more about.

I’ll do my best to cover every aspect a goal might have, from its very beginning, all the way to the end.

(a.k.a. success! 😉 )

Oh, and if I miss something along the way which you would like to know more about or think it’s worth mentioning, do leave your suggestion in a comment section below, so I could fill in the gaps.

Now it’s your turn.

Take a look at what’s here, use the tips given, and I have no doubt you’ll accomplish any goal you’ve set. 🙂

Click on the link and you’ll find the answers to these questions:

A Good Goal Is Worth Gold - And Here Is All You Need To Set And Accomplish It! Click To Tweet

So, if you’re ready to start planning and smashing your goals – you now have a strong foundation to succeed in it.

(pssst… don’t forget to bookmark this post or pin it on Pinterest, so you can easily find it whenever you need it 😉 )

Stop by some time and tell me – are you satisfied with the way your goal is coming to life?

Rock your goals!

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