Hello, I’m Natasha and I wish you a warm welcome to Cute Little Paper – a place where you can find tips, resources, and ideas about creative planning, journaling, and personal development.

I’ve always loved to make plans and organize my days and thoughts in some kind of a planner, and because of that, this website started out as a place where I shared goal setting, planning, productivity, and time management tips.

Over time, the joy of journaling and its endless creative possibilities took over my attention and made this the primary focus of Cute Little Paper.

As a person who tried out many different planning methods and used various planners along the way, I must admit bullet journaling can give you the most freedom to create whatever you need in a specific chapter of your life and it’s also a great way to both organize your days and exercise your creative muscles. 

But from my own experience, I know that bullet journaling can take a good portion of your time if you want to use it both for planning and creative art journaling.

However, I believe creative planning and journaling should not be reserved only for those who have artistic talents and skills, since everyone who wants to have pretty bullet journal spreads in their hands should be able to get them so they can enjoy everything these pages offer.

That’s why now my main mission is to help you brighten up your bullet journal and have creative, fun, and beautiful bujo spreads – even if you’re short on time or lack artistic skills. 

If you’re on the fence about giving creative bullet journaling a try, I’m absolutely inviting you to do so – I believe you’ll quickly fall in love with it like many others did, too.

To start off your bullet journaling adventure in a blink of an eye, visit the resources page and check out what interests you the most.

Have fun and enjoy your creative bullet journaling story!