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How To Achieve Your Goals – 5 Must-Have Assets You Need To Have

You surely want to achieve your goals – otherwise, there’s no point in creating them, but did you know there are essential assets you need to have by your side that guarantee your success?

And as with everything else in life, there are many things that determine whether you’ll succeed at your goal or not.

Some of them will bring you closer to your goal and some will take you further away.

You and everybody else, obviously, want more of the first kind. 😉

And yet, even in this group of favorable assets, not all of them have the same impact on your goals – some have bigger and some smaller effects.

So the question is – what are the vital things you must have in place, such that will have the biggest impact on achieving your goals?

I’ve compiled a small but significant list of the essentials which I’ve found to be the very basics of achieving any goal in life.

Don’t be surprised to discover that some (or even most of them) seem so ridiculously obvious, yet most of us to a certain extent struggle with one or a few of them – at least at some point in time.

Therefore, it’s useful to keep all of them in mind whatever the occasion is, and revisit this list from time to time just to make sure you don’t get off the right track.

Without further ado – here’s a list of the most important assets you must have in place to achieve your goals.  

Asset #1 to achieve your goals

The right mindset

Developing the right mindset might be the single most important thing you need to have by your side to succeed at your goals.

Now you might think this aspect is there by default and needs no specific mention, but bear with me for a while, and let me explain this one in a bit more detail.

Most of us (by default) believe we are in the right mindset to follow through with our goal, just because we stated and acknowledged it as something we would like to achieve.

However, this is only partially true.

Of course, your goal is something meaningful to you and something you want to pursue, but this alone does not mean your mindset is 100% in line with it.

Here’s an example that will hopefully make this a bit easier to understand.

Say, my goal is to make this website an awesome place where anyone can find tips, resources, and inspiration about living a content life with the help of a bullet journal or planner, so as many people as possible can have a life they’ll truly be happy about. (which is my real goal, by the way! 😉 )

Naturally, I love this idea and can’t wait to bring it to life and expand it, and because I’m excited about it – I instantly assume my mindset is also aligned with this goal.

But, is it really so?

Along the way (or even at the very beginning) I could discover I have developed one or a few mental barriers that slow me down in reaching my goal (at best) or even undermine and block the progress that needs to happen so I could achieve my goal.

For example, I could self-sabotage myself by thinking “who am I to talk about these things?” (self-doubt), “I don’t feel comfortable sharing my stories” (insecurity), or the most common one – “what if all this doesn’t turn out as planned and I fail?” (fear).

Having these kinds of thoughts is normal and not necessarily bad, once you acknowledge them and work to replace, overcome, or mute them, but they can be a problem if you let them take over your actions, or more often if they leave you paralyzed (see my tips on how to deal with procrastination if this is something you’re frequently facing with).

That’s why you need to shift your mindset from doubts, fears, uncertainties, or any other mental barriers you might have into positive, encouraging thoughts that will empower you to act and be closer to your goal.

Keep this in mind – your mindset is a powerful companion and a tool that can tremendously help you to achieve your goals.

You need to set it right so it can work its magic.

Inspirational quote - Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.

Asset #2 to crush your goals


When going after your goal, another essential asset you need to have by your side is motivation.

Again, an obvious one, right?

However, although motivation is high in the very beginning, you’re probably aware of the fact that after time passes it becomes harder and harder to keep it on the same level.

If it hadn’t been that way, a lot less than 80% of people would not abandon their New Year resolutions after only 35 days! 

(not a cheerful statistics, I must admit)

It’s true that motivation is not the sole cause of this, but one can’t deny it has a big role in this outcome.

So the question is how to have and keep your motivation in spite of the unfavorable circumstances that might surround you. (because we all know it – things are not always smooth and easy, so you’d better be prepared on time for those few bumps and surprises that are waiting for you down the road)

Now I guess this is the part where I should name all these amazing tips and pieces of advice on how to keep your motivation high despite the obstacles, but sadly, what works for one person doesn’t have to be a winning recipe for the other.

Instead, try this approach.

What I’m asking you to do is to answer this one question – what is the thing that motivates you, and I mean about the real reason behind your goal.

Once you get to the bottom of it you’ll be able to find ways that will help you nurture and keep your motivation, and as a bonus – they will be a perfect match for your needs.

Printable positive inspirational quotes to lift up your spirit in no time

Asset #3 to achieve your goals

A plan & strategy

You have a goal to accomplish, and if you want to achieve it (which, of course, you do!), you should develop some kind of strategy or a plan to get there.

The process of creating a plan, even a rough one, will help you visualize its steps and also place them in the right order, which assists you in achieving your goal in the most effective way.

Now, if you’ve set your goal in a SMART format, you have a pretty good base to start from. Another thing worth mentioning here is the importance of follow-ups, or taking the time to evaluate and revise your progress (and your goals) on a monthly or quarterly basis – considering the deadline and the complexity of your goal.

Printable Goal Setting Worksheets - set your goals and make a successful action plan

Adding goal-related pages to your planner or even keeping a separate goal planner will help you map out the steps and also track the progress you make.

(one of the first items I ever created was these easy-to-use goal-setting sheets, and later on, this yearly goal planner, and I have to say – I love them both!)

Ultimate goal planner - editable PDF + printable planner that'll help you set, plan, track, and achieve your goals

As you know, life can get busy and hectic from time to time (or even more often!), so it’s a good practice to write down your plans and keep an eye on them. It will help you prioritize your tasks better and guide you to stay on track with what you’ve set to achieve.

(since I’m super-passionate about goals, if you’re looking for more tips, ideas, and how-tos around this topic, I have a bunch of posts about goal setting and achieving for you to check out)

Asset #4 to succeed at your goals


If you’d really like to crush your goals each and every time you also need to develop habits that will help you get there.

You know how the quote goes,

The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

John C. Maxwell

(and if you didn’t, well – now you do! 🙂 )

I have to be honest, developing habits might not be easy. It takes time, willpower, and persistence to build them. 

Until your action truly becomes a habit (and by that, I mean that it’s automated and you’re doing it naturally, without a second guess) you need to be focused and consistently reminded of it. 

There are techniques that can help you build the habits you want (and ditch the bad ones), but there are no shortcuts when it comes to the time and effort you have to set aside when developing them. 

However, once you form your habit, it will pay off significantly in the future. Not only to your goals but to your life in general.

Having a habit tracker by your side can be a useful tool that will help you with this part.

(have a look at some less obvious habit tracker benefits because it can actually tell you so much more than you might think)

Printable habit tracker set bullet journal templates

Asset #5 to achieve your goals


In most cases, you are the one who gets to work on your goals. 

But you have to admit, a certain portion of your goal’s success can be attributed to the support you had along the way.

For example, if you’re running a business, clearly your goal is to make a specified amount of sales (and hence, profit) in a set period of time. Of course, this is way easier said than done, especially if you’ve set a high standard, because there are so many aspects you need to take care of. Your goal (sale) is only one of them, but there is also a need to create a product or service, work on its marketing and promotion, generate leads, or get website traffic – and these are just some of the things that require attention. 

The solution might be to delegate certain parts of your business to others, especially if it’s not your jam – but it is theirs.

Although this kind of support is specific and clearly helps you be a step closer to your end goal, the support you get from your family or friends (and even members of different online or offline groups you’re in) plays a significant role as well.

This kind of support is more of a moral kind and therefore not as “tangible” as the first one mentioned here, but it should not be underestimated. Sometimes, this might be the exact thing you need at the moment.

One way or another, the support you get from different people, either by delegating certain aspects of your goals or by cheering you up, helps you to achieve your goals in a quicker or easier way.

In summary, there are many things that can help you to get closer to your goal, but these 5 are essential must-haves: mindset, motivation, plan, habits, and support.

No matter what goal you set, they will help you get there either easier, faster, effective, or in a more confident way.

If you’re looking for even more tips on how to achieve your goal, I’ve got you covered! 😉 Have a look at the post about 16 epic tips that will help you reach your goal or how to create your goal’s action plan (the right way!).

I’m cheering for your success all the way! 🙂

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