April doodle prompts
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April Doodle Challenge

Another month, another set of drawing ideas, and this is the moment for the April doodle challenge! 🙂

(if you missed some of earlier challenges, or you would simply like to see what they were – here are the links to January, February, and March drawing prompts)

Can you believe a quarter of the year has passed and April’s already here?

I got to admit, every time I think about a year in terms of quarters it instantly reminds me about goals and how well (or not!) they’re developing.

If you’ve set goals for the New Year then three months is enough time to see how well they are developing.

Therefore, April is a good time to evaluate your goals and their progress.

On the other hand, if you haven’t set goals at the beginning of the year, now’s a good time to do so.

(and you can have a look at my list of 100 goals you can set in 10 areas of your life)

One of my goals is to finish garden landscaping and decoration that I started a year ago, as well as doing some outdoor home maintenance projects – and spring months are perfect for that!

(that is, if you plan it out well, considering the number of rainy days you might be faced with along the way! 😀 )

In light of that fact, to me, April is the month of Easter and gardening, and many prompts revolve around those two motifs.

(believe it or not, gardening is another thing I adopted a few years ago – and I never thought I could be that type of a person! Now kids and I really enjoy growing our own fruits and veggies in the garden. 🙂 )

By now you probably know that I create a free printable page with already filled-out drawing prompts so you could instantly start creating your doodles, and this month is no exception.

Here you can download and print out April’s page

Alternatively, have a look at the list of drawing prompts, write them in your planner or a journal, and let your creativity shine! 😉

  1. Letter A
  2. Chick
  3. Tulip
  4. Easter basket
  5. Snail
  6. Window with a pot of flowers
  7. Number 4
  8. Garden seeds
  9. Butterfly
  10. Garden gnome
  11. Eggs in a nest
  12. Wooden bench
  13. Easter Bunny
  14. Gardening tool(s)
  15. Strawberries
  16. Pattern
  17. Gardening gloves
  18. Birdhouse
  19. Easter eggs
  20. Bubbles
  21. Birds
  22. Swing
  23. Bow
  24. Ducks
  25. Cake
  26. Spring balcony
  27. Wheelbarrow
  28. Sidewalk chalk
  29. Carrots
  30. Kite
April doodle challenge - list of drawing prompts infographic

And that’s it!

I hope you like the prompts and you’ll join my April doodle challenge. 🙂

If you do, and you’re not shy to share your creations, I’d love to see them on Instagram!

Just add #clpdoodlechallenge or tag me @cutelittlepaper.

Also, if you’re a fan of writing and are looking for some springtime ideas, check out my April journaling prompts. There’s a list of daily writing prompts that you and your journal will love!

See you again soon with a new set of drawing prompts!

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