Best self-care activities for any part of the day
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The Best Self-Care Activities For Different Times Of A Day

As you already know, a well-balanced day is a mixture of work and relaxation – so I wanted to share with you what I consider to be the best self-care activities that you can easily add to your daily routine.

Just imagine, how would you feel if your average day would be a blend of beautifully combined productive work and enjoyable stress-free moments.

Who wouldn’t want that on a regular basis?

(I know I sure would! 🙂 )

With a little determination and some ideas to get started, your life can really look that way.

(well, at least most of the time 😉 )

I know what you may be thinking.

You don’t have enough time to practice these activities throughout your day.

But before you rule this out as a mission impossible due to lack of time, please take a moment and allow me to assure you that no matter what your day looks like, there is a way to practice self-care even when life is busy.

With that obstacle out of the way, I present to you the best self-care activities that I find perfect for specific times of the day.

Mix & match to create your winning self-care routine!

Best self-care activities for the morning time

To my mind, the best self-care activities for the morning hours are those which get your body and mind moving in an energetic, uplifting, and positive way.

That way you’ll feel motivated and pumped up to seize the day ahead.

And without further ado, here are my favorites.

Read something inspiring

Only 5 minutes of reading (or listening) some inspiring thoughts can lift your motivation and get you ready to tackle the day ahead.

It can be inspirational quotes, affirmations, real-life success stories, TED talks, whatever you find that works for you.

Exercise a bit

After a long time of being in one position and resting, your body will feel more energized if you do a little exercise.

It doesn’t have to be a full-body workout at the gym.

Anything that’s enough to wake up your body some more and get the blood flowing.


Alternatively, you could meditate for a while.

It’s more than good to start the day with a clear mind and calm thoughts.

Take a cup of tea

Staying hydrated is important.

Therefore, you could decide to start the day with a cup of tea.

Even if you’re a morning coffee person (just like me 😉 ), a sip of tea along with your coffee will still do you good.

My choice of morning tea is often a mix of green tea and mint, with a spoon of honey.

What will be yours?

Eat a healthy breakfast

To have the fuel for all those activities which await you ahead, you know you need to eat.

Since the day has just begun, you can eat almost anything you want (yep, you’ll burn those calories along the way), but still, try to make it be nutrient-rich.

To make things easier in the morning (and because no one likes a morning rush), consider making a meal plan so you know right up front what’s for breakfast (and every other meal) each day.

Cute and fun printable weekly meal planner

Music to pump you up

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good song to start the day with.

Therefore, consider turning on and listening to some of your favorite songs.

Only one can be quite enough to make you feel pumped up and ready to conquer the world.

If you like to listen to your favorite songs out loud (yes, some of us like it that way… 😉 ), but you can’t afford it early in the morning, no worries.

Play them from your phone, use earplugs, and problem solved!

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Ignore electronic devices

Forget about your phone, tablet, computer, or television at least for the first half an hour of your new day.

(unless you plan to listen to your music, as said before. 😉 )

You very well know you’ll have plenty of time to get consumed by various emails, phone calls, apps, news, or social updates during the rest of the day.

Make those first morning moments the time which you’ll dedicate only to yourself, no split attention.

Clean your bedroom

Making your bed right after you wake up might be a smart thing to do.

You might psychologically feel you’ve set things in the right place so you can successfully deal with everything else that’s coming your way.

Additionally, after the day is over and it’s time to get back there, only a look at your tidy resting spot could make you feel relaxed and stress-free.

Let the air in

Nobody likes breathing stuffy air.

So, open those windows and let the air come into your home and your body.

No matter if it’s winter or summer, a cooler morning air will surely help you feel fresh and awake faster.

Get some sunlight

Have you noticed how different you feel when it’s sunny weather outside compared to a cloudy, rainy day?

You can’t fight it, our bodies are made that way.

So, each morning, try to start the day with the sun by your side.

It will make your day brighter.

Even when the sun’s not there, special lamps exist on the market that are designed to mimic it so you can get a dose of those positive rays of light even if there aren’t any outside.

Inspirational quote - Self-care is how you take your power back.

Best self-care activities for the afternoon time

The afternoon’s here.

A good portion of a day has passed, and you certainly managed to accomplish a number of small or big tasks you had on your to-do list.

Midday is the right time to take a pause and add some self-care activities which will lower the tension you might feel from all the work you’ve done and recharge you for the rest of the day.

Go for a short walk

A quick, short walk right in the middle of the day is perfect to recharge yourself, especially if you work mostly in a sitting position.

Not only will it benefit your body, but it will also clear your mind and make you feel refreshed.

Coffee time!

I know, I know…

Caffeine is not something that is beneficial to our bodies in the long run, but if you’re like the vast majority of people…

You know how good that afternoon coffee feels like!

Its smell, taste…

Plus, if combined with a quick get-together at the nearby cafe, this one’s a winner.

Have a smart snack

Give your body a nutritional boost by taking some easy, healthy snack.

Eating a banana or some nut fruits will certainly do you good.

Take a quick nap

If you’re a person who can take a nap for say, half an hour or so, then this is the right moment to do so.

I’ve heard the best time for this is 8 hours after you wake up.

(don’t ask me why… some research, I guess…)

Unfortunately for me, I never managed to truly try this one out.

(on those rare occasions, I tend to pass out and sleep for at least 2 hours, and after that, I feel crushed! 😀 )

So, if you’re like me, consider skipping this one idea, and moving on to the next…

Color some pages or doodle

A fun way to de-stress and relax a bit is to take pencils and turn to coloring pages.

Alternatively, you can draw or make doodles.

Achievements list

The mid-day might be the right time to add a few entries to your achievements list.

(if you’re still not using one, I strongly suggest you do, along with some other lists, as well)

Even if you think you have nothing to add right now, just reading your accomplishments will give you a boost of self-esteem and the energy to keep going.

Wash your face

No, it’s not morning.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t wash your face if you want to.

You’ll see how this simple activity will make you feel refreshed at least a bit.

Take a 5-minute break and look at the distance

Since it’s the middle of the day, you might start to lose concentration.

At any time you like, you can grab a 5-minute break and look to the distance, without any thoughts.

Slow down from the daily grind, shut down your worries, ignore the tasks ahead at least for a moment, and simply observe the world around you.

This follows the logic – tune out so you can tune in.

This kind of small break could be just the thing you need to “restart” your brain and regain the focus.

Put on a perfume you love

Our sense of smell and emotions are deeply interconnected.

To instantly get a boost of confidence or energy, put on your favorite perfume.

You’ll immediately notice how better you feel.

Go to Pinterest for some inspiration

Pinterest is a great place to go to and get some inspiration.

Whatever you’re passionate about, you’ll find it there.

No matter if it’s your hobby, crafts, home projects, travel… you’ll surely run into an idea (or few) to inspire your interests.

And speaking of which, you can follow me on Pinterest to see the ideas I discovered there.

List of 30 self-care activities and the best time to practice each one. Infographic.

The best self-care activities for the evening time

And finally, the evening moments.

It’s time to wrap it all up and end the day – with a smile on your face!

This is the right time for soothing self-care activities which will ensure you feel relaxed, well-rested, and energized for tomorrow so you can start the next day in a productive way.

If you didn’t manage to show yourself some love throughout the rest of the day, this is the perfect moment to do so and at least make your evening self-care routine a must.


If you’re a fan of the written word, then journaling is an excellent self-care activity for you.

You can make a summary of a day, look back and search for ways you can improve, or write down your thoughts and ideas…

Keeping a diary or a journal improves your personal development.

It can help you discover different things about yourself, become more productive and organized, or get your creativity going, and those are just some examples.

Try and see for yourself.

Take a relaxing bath

Nothing quite like taking a relaxing bath after a long day.

I’m sure you already have positive associations just by thinking about it.

No need to tell or add anything more.

Read a book

To relax or stimulate your mind, reading a book in the evening is one activity which you’ll surely look forward to.

Instead of scrolling through social media or switching TV channels in the evening, take a real book, snuggle in a cozy spot, and step into a different, fascinating new world.

If you’re a faithful book fan, consider starting a book journal – it’s something you’ll surely enjoy.

(and take a look at my five must-have bullet journal book pages to organize, note, and track all your readings)

Nurture your skin

Allow me to express myself as a scientist.

Your skin is the first barrier that protects you from the outer world.

As such, it is exposed to various stresses throughout the day.

Therefore, it would be nice to give some love to this big portion of your being, especially in the evening.

I’m not talking only about your face, but also your hands, legs, the entire body.

Clean and nurture your skin, moisturize it well, take a massage…

You probably know how good that will make you feel.

Plan ahead

There’s nothing worse than waking up and stressfully jumping into another day without a clear direction.

(to my mind, at least 🙂 )

Because of that, I like to have a plan ahead.

Make a list of goals for the next week (in advance) and write them down in your planner.

Ultimate Bullet Journal Set - more than 100 printable template pages for your next bujo

Break those goals down into smaller to-do items, and maybe even dedicate them to certain days of the week.

Additionally, you could create your productivity matrix for the next day, so you’d know what you should focus on first.

(and even what you should avoid)

This way you’ll set yourself upfront for an amazingly productive and successful day.

Clean your home

Yes, there are days when I’m really tired and simply leave all the mess as it is to wait for me tomorrow.

(I’m still waiting for the day when it will magically disappear overnight 😀 )

But more often, I like to end the day leaving the space around me neat and tidy.


I like to start the next day fresh, ready to tackle the activities for that day, without spending time on unfinished work left from yesterday.

Plus, it’s really nice to see how great your home looks when everything’s clean & in its place.

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Socialize a bit

Since evening is the least stressful part of the day, you can use that time to create some enjoyable moments with the people you care about.

(just to make matters clear, I’m talking about socializing in real life, not online)

It can be your significant other, your kids, members of the family, or friends.

Here are a few ideas on how you can create an even stronger bond between you.

Light a scented candle

To relax your mind and body, try lighting up a scented candle every now and then.

With so many options available, you can pick whichever scent you like.

For example, lavender is known to relieve stress and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Personally, I like sandalwood, jasmine, and white musk.

Anyway, the choice is all yours.

Wear a soft, fuzzy pj

Ever worn a soft, fuzzy pj?

It’s like you were hugged by the cloud. 🙂

Alternatively, try wearing such socks or go to bed and cover yourself with a super-fluffy blanket.

My words cannot describe the feeling of pure happiness and bliss that this little thing gives.

(I appreciate it even more on the days when I bust my butt off from work and every muscle hurts me… 😀 )

Overall, it’s a very relaxing, soothing experience – perfect for bedtime.

Indulge in some sweet treat

I know it’s not wise to eat anything just prior to sleep, let alone sweets, but from time to time do treat yourself with some small yummy treat.

Because, why not?

You had an amazing day, did so many things, and…

You most certainly deserve it.

And there you have it!

Mix and try out these self-care activities throughout the day.

Maybe even use a self-care planner to become more mindful and aware of the way you take care of your body, mind, and soul.

Are there any self-care activities you would recommend for a certain time in a day?

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