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Bullet Journal Budget Tracker And Finance Planner Pages – 12+ Ideas Worth Having In Your BuJo

Bullet journal budget tracker and finance planner pages should be among your must-have bujo collections pages to add to your bullet journal.

They can truly help you take better control of your money, especially if you’re new to the budgeting concept.

(although they also work for experienced users, too 😉 )

With budget trackers and finance planner pages you can organize, plan out, and track many different financial aspects, or only focus on those which you need the most.

To give you the inspiration for your own bujo spreads, here are ideas for more than 12 budget tracker and finance planner pages you can keep in your bullet journal that’ll help you improve your money management skills.

Yearly expenses tracker

This bullet journal spread is probably not the most common one you’ll find online, but I find it very useful when planning out the year ahead.

It gives me a bird’s eye view of all the major expenses I need to take care of throughout the year.

Although most expenses usually follow the same routine year after year, this yearly expenses tracker serves me as a reminder of how much money I need to have for a certain month to pay everything there is. 

Since some months have more expenses to deal with than other months do, this helps me to save more money in the months that are less crowded so I can keep my finances in an overall balance.

Bullet journal yearly expenses planner page

Monthly budget planner spread

This bullet journal spread can help you plan out your monthly budget in a more detailed way. 

It has both the income and expenses section so you can plan out the flow of money for a specific month.

An additional handy thing to have is a place to write the actual amount of money spent in a month so you can get a clearer picture of how well you planned out your budget and how disciplined you were when it comes to certain spending categories.

This way you can get a clearer image of where your spending weak spots are, so you can become more aware and mindful about them in the future.

Bullet journal monthly budget planner page

Bills tracker page

Bills tracker is a very useful bullet journal finance spread since it can help you note and track your bill payments throughout the year.

You can use it not only for monthly payments, but also for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual bill payments.

This way you’ll keep an eye on your different bill payments schedule and you can be sure you won’t miss a due date.

Bullet journal bills tracker page

Financial dos and don’ts

A financial dos and don’ts page is a good starting point if you’re new to the budgeting concept, however, even if you’re already well versed with your finances, it can still serve you as a reminder of what you should do (and not) to stay in control of your money.

Bullet journal financial dos and don'ts page

Wants and needs spread

Another useful bullet journal finance page is a wants and needs spread.

It’s no secret we often buy all sorts of things, even those which we don’t really need.

The latter end up picking dust in some corner of the room and eventually, after years of unuse, simply get thrown away.

To avoid this to happen, whenever you’re thinking about purchasing some specific item, especially if it’s a costlier one, you might want to consider your wants and needs page so you don’t buy unnecessary things and spend more money than you actually should.

Is the item something you need or you’re buying it just because?

Your wants and needs spread will give you an answer to this.

Bullet journal wants and needs page

Income ideas page

Most bullet journal budget and finance pages focus on the savings part. 

However, it’s clear that it’s only half of the story.

If you raise your income, you can afford more while keeping a net difference the same.

That’s why it is a good thing to add income ideas spread to your bullet journal budget and finance planner pages and think about different ways you can bring additional money to the table. 

In today’s digital world there are more options to earn money than ever before, so it doesn’t have to be from another full-time (or even part-time) job – you might discover ways to make a profit out of your casual hobby, for example.

Be creative and think about your options.

Bullet journal income ideas page
Printable bullet journal budget pages set

Savings goals

There’s surely at least one item you really want in your life, and there’s a high chance you need money to make it happen. 

That’s why it is good to set a savings goal for it and track how well you’re approaching it.

Don’t forget, your savings goals can also be set in a SMART format, just like any other goal in your life.

This way of goal setting gives you a clear image of your goal and can help you to achieve it more easily.

Bullet journal savings goals page

Savings challenge

A savings challenge page is a useful financial page you can add to your bullet journal. As a bonus, it can also look very attractive and fun which can motivate you to stay on the right track.

If one of your goals is to save a certain amount of money, with this spread you can both track your progress and be disciplined about it.

(and maybe even turn your saving routine into a habit)

30 days and 52 weeks savings challenge are two types of savings challenges that are used most often. 

You can decide which one you’d like to try out or use them both in a way that’s the most convenient for you.

Even if you set only a small amount of money as your daily or weekly savings goal, little by little it will add up, as you will get to see at the end of the challenge.

Bullet journal savings challenge page

Emergency fund tracker page

You never know what might happen in your life, and it usually takes money to solve these unexpected problems.

Therefore, for these kinds of events, it’s a wise thing to have some amount of money in your emergency fund.

In case you still don’t have one or want to improve its balance, consider adding an emergency fund tracker page to your bullet journal.

Choose the amount of money you’d want to have in your emergency fund, and gradually track the progress you make.

Bullet journal emergency fund tracker

No-spend days tracker

In today’s world, for some people shopping has almost become an addiction or a kind of therapy that makes them feel better, even for a short amount of time.

It’s become a habit to buy something on a day-to-day basis – needed or not. 

If you want to keep your shopping addiction under control, want to manage your time better by planning out your shopping trips, or are simply curious to see what days you didn’t buy a thing, you can add a no-spend days tracker page to your bullet journal.

Bullet journal no-spend days tracker

30 days no-spend challenge

Another bullet journal spread about shopping, or better say the lack of it, is a 30 days no-spend challenge page.

Choose a month (or any other starting point) and challenge yourself to have as many no-spend days as you can. 

It can be an interesting experiment in which you’ll see the effects it had on your budget and shopping habits.

Bullet journal 30 days no-spend challenge page

Spending tracker

Even if you don’t have any other bullet journal budget and finance planner pages in your bujo, a spending tracker spread is the one you should absolutely keep.

This bullet journal page will help you track your purchases and their payment methods, see your spending habits in one place and help you to easier calculate the actual amount of money spent when evaluating your monthly budget.

Bullet journal spending tracker page

Credit card and debt payoff tracker

It’s no secret many of us have some debt that needs to be taken care of – and the sooner you get rid of it, the better.

Debt payoff tracker and credit card payoff tracker will help you note and track how close you are to eliminating these financial burdens out of your life.

Bullet journal debt payoff tracker page

I hope these ideas of the most commonly used bullet journal budget tracker and finance planner pages gave you enough inspiration for your own bujo spreads.

(and if you don’t want to make them by yourself, from here you can take the entire printable set)

Printable bullet journal spending and savings set - 16 tracker and planner pages

Overall, if you want to take better control of your money, you should strongly consider adding some of these budget tracker and finance planner pages to your bullet journal – and take action on them. 

Your wallet – and your savings account – will thank you for it.

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