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Bullet Journal Ideas – 10 Collection Pages You Need To Have In Your BuJo

Although a bullet journal is a tool that helps you improve your organization and efficiency, a lot of people also use the so-called collection pages as a place where they can journal various plans and wishes or write down ideas.

If you’re an absolute newbie to this subject and would like to get an overview of the entire bullet journaling process, take a look at my ultimate bullet journal guide for beginners.

As you can see, starting it is really that easy, despite what you may have heard about it.

Now, since bullet journaling is a very flexible method and you can basically use it for whatever you want, it goes naturally that it can be a place where you can create many different themed pages, apart from planning out your days, weeks, and months.

Some pages can be there just for fun, some for noting important information, and some can serve you to track whatever you want or to remind you to take better care of yourself – your imagination is the limit.

(I also have a post about 150+ things you can track in your bullet journal – it can serve you as a good starting point to get the ideas and inspiration)

With so many options and possibilities available, it’s next to impossible to place all of them into this single post.

However, here are my top 10 bullet journal collection pages that are a mix of information, fun, and self-care, which I believe should be a part of any bullet journal.

Ready to see these bullet journal ideas? 

Here they are! 🙂

Bullet Journal Travel Page

Who doesn’t love to travel?

With this obvious answer, it is clear that a collection page dedicated to travel will surely make its way into your bullet journal.

Depending on how detailed you want to be about this subject, you can have one page or a few dedicated to different things travel-related.

For example, one can be your travel wishlist, other places you visited, and another a packing list so you can quickly prepare for your next journey.

The one I have in my bullet journal is designed as an open suitcase (I hope you like this idea! 😉 ), and I can use it for all of these purposes – I just need to add a title on a badge below and it’s ready to go!

Bullet journal travel page

Addresses Page

Ok, I admit. This page may not be the most exciting one (especially when you compare it to the previous one mentioned here! 😀 ), but it still has its place in any planner for obvious reasons.

However, your addresses bullet journal collection page doesn’t have to be dull.

If you add your creative twist to the story, you can make this page look more fun and pretty compared to the average addresses pages that can be found in many other planners.

My bullet journal addresses page is filled with envelopes placed one next to another – the old-school way.

Bullet journal ideas - addresses page

Bucket List

This list is an absolute must-have in a bullet journal – or any other journal when I think about it better.

It’s also one of the lists that I find to be beneficial, not from the material side, but in terms of the good feeling it gives to those who keep one.

(and if you’d love to see what other lists are my favorites, take a look at this post, and who knows – maybe you’ll add one or a few from those to your own lists 😉 )

For a bucket list, I used to have a bullet journal page with a bucket drawn in it (not a big surprise, right?), but now I like to keep it simple and have enough space to add a few additional decorative touches when I feel inspired to.

Bullet journal ideas - bucket list page

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Collection Page

Mood trackers are for many people some of the most used collection pages in a bullet journal.

Why? Well, tracking your mood can both be fun and useful.

Fun – because there are many creative ways you can design a mood tracker page, and useful – because it gives you information about your feelings for the day.

When you combine this information with some other happenings in your life, you can get additional insights that can help you to improve your life.

For example, you can compare your mood and what you did in a day. If a pattern starts to emerge (meaning, you discover that some of your activities are more associated with good mood, and some with bad), you can make adjustments so as to have more “good days” and less “bad”.

Mood trackers usually vary from a monthly to a yearly page.

I like to use a new mood tracker for each month of the year (just to mix things up a bit and make bullet journal look prettier, despite that this approach takes more of my time), but at first, I started with this year-in-a-pixel mood tracker layout.

(and in a different post you can have a look at some monthly mood tracker ideas to get inspired)

Bullet journal mood tracker page

Bullet Journal Movies Page

This is another fun collection page for your bullet journal.

You can use it to write down movies you wish to see or to track those you already did.

Apart from naming the title of the movie alone, you can also write down the date when you viewed it, your rating of the movie, the main actors, the year of production, even who was there with you when watching the movie, and the place you were at… whatever you consider it’s worth additional noting.

This filmstrip design was the first one I ever made for a movie collection page, and as soon as I did it, I decided to turn it into a digital format because it took me forever to get the lines right and to set the stars in place.

(you get the point of why it was turned digital – it’s now sooo much easier for me to use this page design whenever I want it in the future! 😉 )

Bullet journal movies page
Printable bullet journal collection pages bundle

Music Page For Your Bullet Journal

Music makes life better, and you can find a song or a melody for any occasion.

If you’re a music lover or simply like to keep a record of the tunes in your life, then your next step is obvious.

Add music to the list of your bullet journal collection pages!

Some ideas about what to write in it?

You can start from many variations of the “best of” topic – songs, albums, artists, genres, by year recorded, to creating playlists for different occasions (when you’re in the mood to dance, relax, have a party…), or currently listening, your music wishlist, and many more.

Here are some notes to get you inspired! (along with my list of hits from the ’80s) 😉

Bullet journal playlist page

Sleep Tracker Page

I can not stress enough the importance of sleep, its quality, and the effect it has on our daily performance.

By keeping a bullet journal collection page (or more of them) dedicated to sleep and its aspects, you can track all of this and more.

For example, you can note the length of your sleep, the exact time you went to bed and got up, have you woke up in between or not, how energized you felt the day after, what dreams you had, or how many of them.

By observing the patterns of your sleep and the effects they have on your days, you can make adjustments that will result in the improvement of the quality of your life, which is absolutely not a thing to be underestimated.

Here’s one way you can create a sleep log that will track the time and hours you’ve slept, plus have a place to write down a small note for every day – or night. (yup, all of this on a single page!)

Bullet journal sleep log page

Passwords Page

Passwords page is another bullet journal collection that might not be as exciting or fun but is super-useful to keep.

With so many things that are becoming a part of this new digital world we all live in (or are already there), usernames and passwords are starting to be more relevant and more frequently used than physical addresses or some other “real-life” data.

As you already know, a good practice is to have strong passwords and to use different ones for different segments of your online life.

Now, I don’t know about you (however, I’ll assume we’re all in the same boat), but I have a long list of different login details for many digital places. Starting from emails (yes, I have more than one) and business-related matters, to different stores, bill payments, and educational/amusing websites.

It’s next to impossible to memorize all of them, so a password page is an absolute must in my case – and it should be in yours, too.

Here’s one way you can create your bullet journal passwords page.

Bullet journal ideas - passwords page

Bullet Journal Books Page

I’ll tell you right from the start – I’m a big fan of books. 🙂

(not that this is an important thing for you, but to let you know I *might* be biased when it comes to this subject! 😉 )

With so many different genres and subjects, books can broaden your horizons and bring a whole new world of experiences and knowledge. 

You can read to learn something new, get some advice, relax, or just have fun and entertain yourself a bit.

So if you find yourself reading books on a regular basis, you should consider using a book page as a part of your bullet journal collections.

It’s up to you whether you’ll have a books to read page, reading tracker, books read page, or maybe all of them – and more.

You won’t make a mistake if you choose to have a stack of books style in your bullet journal, because it’s an eye-catching and functional design that goes well with many different book-noting purposes.

(and take a look at bullet journal book pages every book lover must have to get more ideas)

Bullet journal ideas - book to read page

Self-Care Page

And last, but not least, is a self-care bullet journal collection page.

You know it yourself – self-care is important and it should be a regular part of your life, at least to a certain extent.

I know life can be crazy busy from time to time (or maybe even more often?) and you might think you have no time for this activity, but have a look at this post and see there are ways to squeeze in some self-care, despite how it seems.

(or go to my list of self-care activities that don’t take much time and pick some of these quick activities that resonate with you the most)

Now, since the most common obstacles are overcome, you can see how much success you’ll have with it by using a self-care tracker in your bullet journal. 

Or, you can have a self-care ideas page, your self-care routine spread, pages for specific parts of self-care – for body, mind, and soul, and many different…

If you decide to take this subject to its extreme, you can have an entire planner dedicated to this!

Whatever you decide to do – to have a self-care bujo collection spread, a self-care planner or journal, or nothing above – do add self-care to your life, it will make you feel (and be!) so much better.

Here’s one example of my creative bullet journal page idea that falls into the self-care category.

Bullet journal ideas - inspirations page

For all who are passionate about bullet journals, planners, or tracking and writing down many different things in your life, these bullet journal collection page ideas should be something worth creating and having.

Printable bullet journal templates - collection pages set

I hope you found these ideas inspiring, and if you liked the pages you’ve seen in this post (and would like to add them to your bullet journal in the blink of an eye), you can get them all in this printable bullet journal spreads set.

What collection pages are an absolute must in your bullet journal? 

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