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Bullet Journal Spreads – My February Peacock Theme

The time has again come to share my bullet journal spreads with you.

As the title says, for the month of February, I decided to go for a peacock theme. 

I know, February and peacocks often don’t go hand in hand, but let’s not forget the most important thing – this is a bullet journal, and you can do whatever you want with it! 😉

And for the month of February, something whispered “peacock” to me, so that’s what I did!

I hope you’ll enjoy the spreads as much as I did creating them. 🙂

(and in case you’d like to use the exact pages in your bullet journal in a matter of minutes, you can get the entire set here – as you can see, I was crazy enough to adapt all the pages so they can be used not only for February but for any month of the year!)

printable bullet journal peacock monthly theme kit

Cover page

Once I drew my February bullet journal cover page I couldn’t help the feeling that the peacock seemed a bit, well… kind of annoyed. 😀

I did have a look at different pictures of peacocks to check if I made a drawing error of some sort, but I concluded that peacocks just have an attitude… and that’s something worth the respect!

Overall, once I colored it (as you can see in the image below), it looked much better than only in pen.

(you can see what the before looks like from the printable templates)

Bullet journal peacock monthly cover page

Monthly bullet journal spreads

My February monthly bullet journal spreads were very different compared to January’s.

The only thing that remained the same was that I used two pages for them.

However, this time, I placed the days of the month in a single column on one page, while a small monthly calendar, goals, “do more”, and “do less” sections were on the other page.

Bullet journal peacock monthly page

Not that I used the two created sections, though – which I think was a shame because they are surely helpful.

I do believe that if I’d filled them out on time – and viewed them regularly – they would have helped me to stay on the course way better than what was the case.

(yes, unfortunately, I did get a bit sidetracked this month, but thankfully, I also bounced back!)

Habit tracker

Next in my bullet journal was a habit tracker page.

Bullet journal peacock habit tracker page

I like how I managed to create a habit tracker from the peacock’s tail – and was able to find a room to place ten habits in a single drawing!

(that were also easy to track and navigate through!)

Oh, and if you don’t use a habit tracker yet, here are strong reasons why you should start as soon as you can (and I warn you – some reasons are not as obvious as you might think)!

Mood tracker

When I did last month’s mood tracker, I said I wasn’t satisfied as much with it.

(if you’re curious to see why then visit my January bullet journal pages to find out! 😉 )

That’s why this time I made the complete opposite of it!

I drew a large peacock’s feather that was bigger than the page itself, so its one side even ended up cropped! 🙂

Bullet journal peacock feather mood tracker

Do I like this month’s mood tracker?

Yes, I absolutely like it better (especially if I compare it with January’s mood tracker), but now the thing is – I find the drawing to be too big!

(fyi, I’m not related to Goldilocks, even though it might seem that way! 😀 )

Oh, and if you’re a fan of mood tracker pages and you can’t imagine your bullet journal without them, then you should have a look at even more mood tracker ideas to get the inspiration for this often creative and fun bullet journal spread.

Success page

Next in my bullet journal came the success page.

It’s something I started last month with the intention of noting accomplishments or anything else worth celebrating that has happened to me during each day.

You could say that in a way, I view the success page as an achievement list. 😉

(and if you’re intrigued to find out what six other lists I consider highly valuable to keep, you can see them all right here)

Although a success page is not something you see as a regular part of many people’s bullet journals, to me it’s worth having one. Why? Well, if nothing else, I figure it’s equally important to focus on positive things each day than just to chase what you don’t have – at least not yet. 😉

Bullet journal peacock success page

Ok, I know, I know, and you’re right – the image is all blurred and there’s not much to see when it comes to what I actually wrote there (I have to admit, it’s not in my nature to publicly share the details of my life, I hope you do understand…).

However, I have a question for you: do the feathers remind you of a laurel wreath – because they do to me, and this resemblance makes them a nice fit for this topic, don’t they?

Sleep tracker

Then comes the sleep tracker page.

Remember, the one bullet journal spread I thought I didn’t need?

Well, it turned out I should keep one for at least a few more months, so with the start of February, a peacock sleep tracker bullet journal spread was there as well.

Bullet journal peacock sleep tracker

When it comes to design – I simply love this page. (especially after I’ve colored it)

However, I am shocked and appalled every time I see what my sleeping pattern looked like in February! 😮

Sadly, I am aware of why it is so, and I have yet to find a way to arrange my life so that my sleep doesn’t suffer (and therefore, me too!) – which is, unfortunately, still a work in progress.

Ideas page

What used to be called the “brain dump” bullet journal pages in January, now become “ideas” pages.

(I guess I wasn’t as good at brain dumping as I thought I would be! 😉 )

Bullet journal peacock ideas page

It turned out I used these ideas pages as a place to write down both ideas and notes, and even place a to-do list for a goal that I knew would be spread out from one week to another.

As for the design – again, I like it (and, yes, the peacock still looks like he’s a bit annoyed! 😀 )

Weekly bullet journal spreads

With the February bullet journal weekly spreads, we finally came to the part dedicated to daily scheduling and planning.

In case you don’t know, for this year my idea was that for every month I make two different weekly layouts because:

a) I want to test and uncover what layout fits me the most, and

b) I also want to have a fun and creative bullet journal.

(my last year’s bullet journal had the same weekly layout week after week, and that’s the biggest reason why I decided that this became my bullet journaling goal!)

So I created two different designs for weekly pages and alternated them each week, just like I did last month.

This is what they looked like.

Bullet journal peacock weekly pages 1
Bullet journal peacock weekly pages 2

As you can see, February weekly spreads are not at all complicated, and when it comes to their design and function I like both versions equally.

(ok, I may favor a bit more the version on the first image, but let’s keep it a secret! 😉 )

Both weekly layouts had more than enough space to write down everything I needed, and I even counted for a place to write down three different items for each day. 

My initial idea was to track the weather, water intake, or daily steps, for example – basically, anything that doesn’t take much place to be written down, and for what I don’t have a separate bullet journal spread.

(I also have a crazy long list of things you can track in your bullet journal if you’re looking for more ideas)

Unfortunately, as you can see, these spaces ended up blank!

(however, it doesn’t mean you’ll make the same “mistake” as I did! 😉 )

Memories pages

Finally, the last pages of the month are dedicated to dear memories I’d like to save from oblivion.

Bullet journal peacock memories page

I’m not gonna lie, making this spread took a lot of my time, but it was totally worth it.

I’m simply in love with it, and it’s even more beautiful after I’ve colored it. 🙂

Combined with what these pages keep, it’s no wonder why this is by far my favorite bullet journal spread.

(I’d dare to say that if nothing else, this page alone makes printable templates worth getting!)

printable bullet journal peacock monthly theme kit

And with that, my February bullet journal peacock theme pages have come to an end.

I hope you liked them and that through these pages you’ve not only got inspired but also found some tips and ideas that you can use for your own bullet journaling.

See you next month with a new bullet journal monthly theme!

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