Bullet journal tropical leaves monthly theme
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Bullet Journal Tropical Leaves Theme

If you want to add some relaxing summer vibes to your bujo – or just like a splash of green color, then this bullet journal tropical leaves monthly theme can be just the thing you’re looking for.

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To my mind, a bullet journal tropical leaves theme works really well for both spring and summer months (as you will see, these were my bullet journal spreads for May), but since the pages look so calming and tranquil, you can use them for any month you like.

As with my previous posts about different bullet journal themes, I’ll share my opinion about each spread to give you a better sense of the pros and cons I’ve found while filling up these bullet journal pages.

(I guess you very well know that bullet journaling is a never-ending process of testing, improving, and adapting it to your needs, and this month was no exception)

If these pages are exactly what you’d like to have in your own bullet journal (and you don’t want to spend the time on recreating them), you can take entire printable templates right here or click on the image below – I’ve made page variants that fit any month of the year (yup, even for leap year February!).

Printable bullet journal tropical leaves set + multi-page PDF templates

Now, it’s time to present to you (and review) those bullet journal tropical leaves theme pages!

Bullet journal tropical leaves cover page

Style-wise, I believe my bullet journal tropical leaves cover page stands right between minimalist and artistic design.

Bullet journal tropical leaves cover page

I think I found the sweet spot between the two by having enough blank space so the design doesn’t overwhelm the page, while the intermingled leaves give a bit of “drama” and jungle vibe, which makes this contrast look balanced and well put together.

Bullet journal tropical leaves monthly spread

As you can probably guess, the first spread after the cover page is a monthly spread, and this month is no exception.

Bullet journal tropical leaves monthly page layout

On the left, I had a calendar-style month at a glance page, while the right side followed the layout I made last month. 

Although the goals section is my regular must-have item, my April bullet journal monthly spread had “steps to take” and “must-do” sections that helped me organize my priorities and tasks better.

This in turn helped me to be more productive, so why to reinvent the wheel?

I’ve applied more or less the same layout and added a couple of tropical leaves to tie the page with the monthly theme. Easy-peasy! (and again, effective! 😉 )

Habit tracker

Right after the monthly spread, I like to place a habit tracker page in my bullet journal.

Tropical leaf habit tracker

No matter how well (or not! 😀 ) I perform a certain habit in a month, a habit tracker page is a spread I always keep in my bullet journal for several reasons (take a look at this post to see what goldmine of insights you can get from it).

Although I like how this month’s habit tracker turned out design-wise, I have to admit it was a bit harder to track and analyze later on.

Wonder why?

Well, a place where I noted the habit in a single day was not as big, so I didn’t write the date in it. I didn’t write the dates outside of the field, either. All I did was place the number 1 so I know where the specific habit tracker starts and that was it.

In summary, it was quite difficult to track and see the exact date when some habit was performed (or not). Definitely, a lesson learned for the future.

Tropical leaves mood tracker

One of my favorite bullet journal spreads every month is surely a mood tracker.

(you can see my other mood trackers either in a blog post about 12 mood trackers for every month of the year, or see additional mood tracker ideas that are a part of my different monthly themes)

Tropical leaves mood tracker page

To be honest, mood tracking is not something I need to track, but I always like this bullet journal spread because of the creative freedom you can have when making one.

Plus, it’s fun to see how the image will be colored when the month ends. 🙂

The mix of three tropical leaves and the good color selection made this month’s mood tracker spot on with the theme and easy to fill out.

(this time I used colors that were less similar so I didn’t have a problem to make a distinction between them, which was my challenge in the last month)

Energy and sleep tracker

I liked the mix of sleep and energy level tracker I had last month, so I continued to use it in my bullet journal tropical leaves theme, as well.

Bullet journal sleep tracker page

What I did notice is that reviewing sleep and energy levels is not as straightforward as I would like.

This is mainly because both trackers use the same date, and as a result, my daily energy level and last night’s sleep are not placed in the same line.

This way, when I want to see a possible connection between them (because one surely influences the other in a certain way), I have to compare my daily energy level to the sleep that’s in the row above. Not very convenient, so this is something I’ll definitely have to adjust. 

My day in a sentence page

This spread is what you also might call a line in a day page or summary of the day page.

One line in a day bullet journal spread

As with the previous months, it had more or less the same minimalist design, with two tropical leaves to stay consistent with this month’s bullet journal theme.

As the title says, I like to write a sentence (or a few short ones 😉 ) that best describes that day, whether it’s something that happened in a day – from “neutral” to crazy, fun, or unexpected event, or how I felt and what I did – basically here I write anything that paints the best picture about the specific day.

Priority page

With the huge success I had with last month’s priority page, it was quickly clear I would continue to use this spread, so here it is – this time following a bullet journal tropical leaves theme.

Bullet journal priority page

It surely is not the most artistic bullet journal spread, but it’s still cute and amazingly effective if you want to stay on track with your goals and be productive.

Ideas page

Right after the priority page, I like to keep a spread where I can write down anything that comes to my mind. You can call it a notes page, a brain dump page, or, just like I did – an ideas page. 

Bullet journal ideas page

As you can see, this month I wasn’t as prolific with ideas, but you never know upfront how much space you’ll actually need, so beginning with a single page is always a good starting point.

(and if it turns out emptier than not, like this mine right here, you can always go back to it and add some quotes, doodles, stickers, or even a photo to make it more interesting, personal, or inspiring)

Bullet journal tropical leaves weekly spreads

Finally, after all these spreads that can be viewed as my monthly collection pages, the time and place have come to add my weeklies.

As before, I continued to create two fresh versions of weekly spreads, which I then alternate during the month. Here they are.

Bullet journal tropical leaves weekly spread
Bullet journal tropical leaves weekly spread

As seen on the images, both spreads have a generous amount of space to write daily entries in it (at least that’s quite enough for me since I tend to write only the most important things, tasks, and events I should do and focus on each day).

As always, there’s a goals section, as well as a place to write down to-do items and notes.

In both design and function, I liked both weekly spreads, but I have to admit I prefer the first one a little bit more because of its “artistic” look.

Review of the month page

What used to be a summary of the month in my April bullet journal spreads is now a review of the month page (basically, totally the same thing, I only used a different word).

Review of the month page

It again follows a dual approach, with a column for professional and personal life aspects.

I like to have this spread because it’s a single place where I can get a nice overview of what I have actually achieved in a month while doing another spread for more fun, casual, or random moments worth noting (see the next spread below 😉 ).

Bullet journal tropical leaves Best Of page

Finally, for the last page of my bullet journal tropical leaves theme I made a Best of spread – it just feels appropriate to end the month this way, right? 😉

Bullet journal tropical leaves best of page

It’s dedicated to more fun, casual, or random moments worth noting – and maybe even celebrating! Clearly, a page you should absolutely keep in your bullet journal.

And with that, it’s time to wrap up this bullet journal tropical leaves monthly theme post. I hope you found some tips and ideas that you could use in your own bullet journaling adventure. 

Don’t forget, if you liked this theme, there’s no quicker way to set up your bullet journal for the entire month than getting printable templates for all these pages. (you’ll probably spend more time on choosing your color scheme than printing these out and placing them in your bujo! 😉 )

As always, have fun with journaling, and stay tuned for more bullet journal ideas and tips!

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