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Bust Low Energy Mode And Get The Work Done With These Helpful Tips And Guidelines

So, the day we all dread has come…

The day that is also known as the pile-of-work-tasks mixed with zero (or even lower?) energy for them…

Not a fun place to be, eh?

Just to remind you, you are not alone in this feeling.

Rest assured everyone had “those days”, and will still have them from time to time.

I know, I know…

This knowledge alone is just not good enough for you.

And you’re right – it shouldn’t be.

No need to wait for another day to get the energy, focus, and motivation back, if it can be done even right now.

So, let’s start off with some tips on how to overcome this block as soon as possible, shall we?

If low energy is a temporary feeling

First of all, answer this question: do you know the reason why are you feeling exhausted?

We often tend to treat the consequences, without dealing with the causes.

So, it’s no wonder why unwanted occurrences keep coming back in our life (this stands true in any area of life, not just in this one, you know?).

But, to get back on the purpose of this post.

You’re here to get some tips on how to pull out of low-energy mode, right?

The thing is, and let’s be honest about this one, there is no way on Earth you’ll do a good job if you feel squeezed like an orange for an orange juice.

Yes, I’ll put a couple of quick-fix tips in here, but keep in mind these are just it – quick fixes.

What you should focus on is the cause, so you don’t come to a situation like this again (or at least not so often).

I’ll get a little bit about that later, as well.

Most of the time, the lack of energy experienced can be attributed to the simplest reason – poor sleep.

Or, you were super-active the day before and are now facing the consequences.

I have to admit, this one happens to me a lot more often than I would want to, but I just can’t help it!

I get pulled into work or some other activity, feel SO motivated and inspired, and yes, I do get a lot done, but the next day it comes back to me with a vengeance!

The best & simplest option to fix this scenario – take a quick nap (if this is possible and applicable to you).

I’m saying this because maybe you’re like me, and no matter how hard I tried, I still haven’t managed to master this form of art.

When I fall asleep during the day, I usually pass out for at least two hours straight. 😮

So, I decided not to even try it anymore…

(yeah, I’m a completely hopeless case when it comes to this one…)

Instead, I do some quick action to get me going, and possibly refuel as much as possible (to make it through the day).

Taking a cup of coffee is a no-brainer, but also a quick, short walk in the open, a shower, turning some upbeat music that lifts you up, or a little exercise will do the trick.

(yes, I suggest you try out some of these. you can also decide to use fitness trackers in your planner or a bullet journal that’ll help you develop a routine and stay on the right track)

And here’s one weird tip (but it works!).

If you can, get nervous or even mad (it’ll give you a little adrenalin rush to get you going)!

However, I don’t recommend this one if you have to deal with some mentally demanding tasks. It works the best with a no-brainer one.

Those are some examples of quick-fix ways to beat a low energy state. 🙂

However, if you’re experiencing low energy levels throughout the entire day on a more regular basis, it’s a whole different story.

A quick medicine for an acute condition as described above won’t do the trick in the long run.

It might even be contra-productive.

But, then what?

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Being in low energy mode more often than not?

When faced with (almost regular) not-enough-energy-to-deal-with-all-the-things-I-have-in-a-day issues, it usually means you’re doing something in your life that systematically drains you.

(not a good thing, you’ll agree…)

It means it’s time for you to take a short break, distance yourself from everything that surrounds you, and give an honest review of the way you structured your life.

You need to discover things that are the biggest energy-draining culprits.

Maybe some of these questions will help you out in it:

  • What are the things you do which leave you exhausted in the end? Do they have an ephemeric character or they tend to be present in a longer time interval?
  • Do energy-draining tasks make a significant impact on your life (in terms of the value you receive out of them after their completion)?
  • Do you have even a little personal time in a day just for yourself?
  • Do you every day immerse yourself in something you like and are passionate about (even only for 15 minutes)?
  • Are you trying to do all or the vast majority of tasks by yourself?
  • Do you have more than you can manage on your plate for days and days in a row? If so, what are the reasons for it?
  • Are you the one overbooking yourself or it is (somehow) the result of your surroundings?

Where you should put your focus and what you should do next will depend on these observations.

Inspirational quote - Nothing will work unless you do

And from here it gets personal!

Depending on your findings, you might discover there’s a pattern that leads to the feeling of exhaustion, or there are certain activities that have the same effect on you.

Maybe you’ll discover you need to change habits, clear up your to-do list, fit tasks according to your natural daily energy level (at least as much as possible), create a routine that works better for you, or even estimate the way other people impact your life and rethink your mindset.

Also, do try to find the time for self-care each day, it doesn’t have to last long, yet you will see the benefits.

(here are some self-care ideas you can do in under 5 minutes and the best self-care activities for different times of a day – just to get the inspiration going)

Yup, all that’s possible…

Most of the time, whatever hurdles you might be facing can be overcome with the help of good time management and productivity techniques.

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I’m cheering to your success! 🙂

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  1. Thank you for these reminders. As I read this, I realized I have not been playing music, which generally lifts me up. It can also disrupt my focus when writing or coaching, but the rest of the time I will be bringing it back into my life.

    1. Yay, I’m so happy for you! I feel the same way about it, and yes, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t listen to music and “treat” yourself with it after you’ve done an amazing job. (P.S. anything done IS an amazing job! 🙂 )

  2. Natasha Botkin says:

    Thanks for this lovely post! This came at just the moment I needed. xoxo

    1. Thanks, my fellow by name! 😉 I’m glad you’ve found it when best needed.

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