How to create a blogging schedule that works when you're also a mom #blogging #blogschedule #momblogger #blogtips
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Newbie Blogger Mom’s Guide – Create A Blogging Schedule That Works

Why, hello, new blogger-mom! 🙂

So, you’ve decided to go for it?

Yay to you! 🙂

But now comes the tricky part – finding the time for it!

As you know (or you’ll soon about to find out), blogging does take a lot of time.

(even more, if you’re planning to grow a business out of it)

Not only all bloggers face a learning curve in the beginning, but there is also the problem of finding the time for its implementation along with creating the content.

(even though it appears to be so easy for everybody else, right? well – wrong! don’t get fooled!)

There is only one additional tiny challenge that separates you from some other bloggers out there.

You’re also a mom.

(did I say a “tiny challenge”?! oooops… 😀 )

You know the best what that means, no need to remind you.

Therefore, it is crucial for your motivation, health, and sanity to develop a schedule that allows you to work on your new passion while also being a caring mom for your little one(s).

Want some tips from someone in the same boat?

Here they are!

How to create a blogging schedule that works when you're also a mom #blogging #blogschedule #momblogger #blogtips

Find the time

First thing first.

If you can’t find the time (a minimum of half an hour) in a day, this will be a very difficult road for you.

(not to frighten you, I’m simply being real…)

Some work on the blog can be done even in a lesser amount of time, such as posting on your social media channels, replying to a few emails, pinning some pins…

However, you do need to have more time at your disposal for some other, more foundational content.

(say, writing blog posts, creating freebies and your products…)

I’d advise having at least one hour in a day to concentrate on those tasks.

But because of the kid(s) in your life (and maybe an additional job as well), you absolutely don’t have the freedom to pick any time in a day to work on your blog.

(not a favorable circumstance, you’d agree…)

Most blogger moms (and even some who are not) decide to wake up sometime earlier than usual and use those quiet moments to do the work.

Others perform better in the evening.

(needless to say when the kids are sleeping?)

There is always an option to use the kid’s naptime and do some of the work then.

Overall, the three proposed timings share one thing in common – doing the work while your kids are sleeping.

(because it’s the most probable quiet-time you have in your day)

Speaking of which, here’s a funny story of mine regarding this matter.

I used to work on my blog late in the evenings – it was THE time to be alone and focused.

(and because my kids are soooo active during the day, when they’re finally asleep, those first few hours are a jackpot! there’s no way they’ll even make a move in the bed, let alone to wake up)

But it takes ages for my kids to actually fall asleep.

Needless to point out that it postpones my hours to work on the blog?

So at one point, I’ve decided to try working in the mornings instead. (only because I need to sleep, too! 😀 )

Honestly, I loved this schedule!

(and even though I’m not a morning person – but I’ve managed to become one! 🙂 )

But then what began to happen?

15 to 20 minutes after I’d woke up, the kids were also starting to wake up! 😮

(I could swear they have some sort of a radar built in them!)

I’d go to their room to tuck them in, hoping they’ll fall asleep again as soon as possible, so I could get back and work on the blog for as long as I can (before I start preparing myself for my full-time job at the time).

Sadly, this was not an isolated case.

It kept repeating for some time (but not too long, thankfully!).

Needless to say, there wasn’t much productive work done because of these interruptions?

Thankfully, after a while, things got back to normal. 🙂

What I want to say through this story is that creating a new routine and a schedule is not a thing that affects only you (even if it’s your routine).

Other members of your household might also need the time to adapt to it.

Just be persistent and don’t give up! 😉


Test and try out different timings in a day to see which one works for you the best.

Stick long enough in your new routine to truly discover if it’s beneficial to you (and your kids) or not.

How to create a blogging schedule that works when you're also a mom #blogging #blogschedule #momblogger #blogtips

Have clarity

This might be even more important than the previous one.

If you don’t have the clarity on what is the right task to work on, you can easily find yourself spending your precious quiet time without achieving much work (if any).

This is not only inefficient, but it’s also demotivating.

(not really a helpful thing if you want to grow your blog…)

What you should do is to set up your blogging goal (not the grand-scheme how-this-should-look-like-at-the-end goal, but a smaller, more tangible one) and work solely on it until it’s achieved.

Resist the urge to wander off in a different direction and do some other blog-related task which is not in line with your current goal.

(the “shiny object syndrome” is so real. …and so unproductive!)


Create a blogging goal on which you’ll focus on (use the SMART format, it’s really helpful!).

Be clear to define the action steps you need to accomplish in order to get to the end line.

Be mindful of your goal and your time.

If some blog-related task is not in line with your current goal, take a memo on it and address it later – in its appropriate time.

(meaning: when it falls into place with some other blog-goal of yours)

If you’re determined to start working on your blogging goals, I’ve created an awesome Rock Your Goals workbook (it’s like having a guide right by your side 😉 ).

How to create a blogging schedule that works when you're also a mom #blogging #blogschedule #momblogger #blogtips

Have focus

How well focused you are on your work will make a tremendous impact on how much time it will take you to do a certain task.

Do you find yourself working on your blog, but in the back of your mind you’re thinking about the other things you should do in a day?

Or you have a few more tabs opened on your computer just in case “something interesting and worth seeing comes up”?

(I’m especially talking about social media here!)

(and P.S. something usually does pop up, it’s inevitable!)

So, if you find yourself mentally wandering or “multitasking” while working on your blog, stop it immediately!

This time mom, it’s not your kid who’s interrupting you from work.

You are the one sabotaging yourself.


If you find yourself lacking the focus, acknowledge it, and try to get back in the focused-mode at once.

And if you can’t reclaim your focus instantly, take a quick break and see what happens.

The focus is back?

Great! Get back to work!

The focus stubbornly refuses to come?

The best option is to accept the situation and work on something else (there are always at least some household tasks waiting for you).

(yes, I am saying to temporarily leave the work on your blog in favor of some other. believe me, you’ll accomplish more this way!)

So, if this last scenario turns out to be your situation, no need to worry.

Try to find another time in a day to finish what you’ve started or at least to do get some part of the work done.

Honestly, this will be more meaningful to you than to your blog.

By knowing you didn’t let the day go by without making a progress on your blog you’ll feel so much better. 🙂

In the end, the only person who knows all of your different duties and tasks (and your energy levels) in a day is – you.

Therefore, test and discover the schedule which will work for you the best.

Care to share your biggest challenge with creating a blogging schedule?

Drop a few lines it in the comments below!

(unless it’s a top-secret 😉 )

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How to create a blogging schedule that works when you're also a mom #blogging #blogschedule #momblogger #blogtips

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  1. Super valuable content! Bloggers should be realistic about the fact that it requires commitment. Even as a mom of teenagers, I have a full time job and had to start waking up an hour and a half earlier—at 4 am—to get social media posting done. And I stay up a couple of hours later to get writing and graphics done. So one has to be committed if they want to be successful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I have to admit before I started blogging it seemed to me like it’s a piece of a cake and that it leaves more than enough free time on the side. The reality is strikingly different, though, so I can totally relate to you. (the only other option for me was to continue to grow this blog in my next life 😀 )
      Keep pushing, don’t doubt yourself, and you’ll achieve whatever you want.
      Oh, and maybe my biggest advice is to find the time to take care of yourself. Health is the ultimate wealth. Without it, all the other things in life don’t make sense anymore.
      So, take care, and wish you all the best! 🙂

  2. I love the colors on your site so very inviting. Plus thanks for the helpful tips on getting ready for a great 2018.

    1. Awww… Thank you so much! 🙂 (I love them myself, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! 😉 ) Glad you liked the post. Hope you’ll make 2018 to be your best year yet! 🙂

  3. Love this! Im a mom and a new blogger- so I really enjoyed these tips. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you, Dezirae! Your site looks really professional, so I’m sure you’re already doing a good job! 😉

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