Bullet journal elements that can brighten up any bujo spread
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Bullet Journal Elements That’ll Brighten Up Any BuJo Spread

There’s no doubt that headers, banners, dividers, corners, boxes, and many other creative bullet journal elements can be a fun addition to any spread of your bujo.

Those little details are exactly what give your journal unique charm and character and make the journaling process more enjoyable and attractive.

There’s no right or wrong way to create them – each one can be a tiny work of art and the way you draw them will depend on the creativity and inspiration you have at the moment.

Here’s a list of different bullet journal elements you can add to your own bujo along with some great ideas to inspire you.

Bullet journal banners and ribbons

Many bullet journalers like to place the name of the day inside a banner or ribbon element, but they can also be found on quote pages or as titles of specific spreads.

These elements do appear very attractive and can easily make even the simplest spread decorative and eye-catching.

However, some people find banners and ribbons to be the trickiest elements for drawing – and it’s especially true if you want to get an organic, curved look.

There are a number of step-by-step tutorials you can find online that’ll show you how to make banners and ribbons in your bullet journal.

(Pinterest is a great place to find this)

To get some ideas and inspiration for your own bujo spreads, here are some examples of both straight and curved bullet journal banners and ribbons.

Bullet journal banners and ribbons

Bullet journal borders and dividers

Borders and dividers are another bullet journal element that you can use to add more style to your bujo.

You can decide to frame the entire page or use them to divide or highlight specific sections of your bullet journal spread.

There are many creative ways in which you can draw borders and dividers, and some of the favorite elements that many like to use are arrows, florals, and geometric shapes – or their combinations.

Bullet journal elements - arrows as dividers
Floral bullet journal borders and dividers
Geometric bullet journal borders and dividers

Bullet journal frames and boxes

Frames and boxes are mostly used for days of the week, notes, to-do lists (or some other lists you might like to keep in your bullet journal), or any other item you’d like to frame so that it stands out better on your bujo spread.

Many like to draw these elements in a post-it notes style, but there are also many other creative ways to make your bullet journal frames and boxes more fun and unique.

Bullet journal box elements - post it notes style
Bullet journal box elements

Bullet journal corner elements

Corner elements can be another creative addition to your bullet journal.

They can be used instead of the box elements or simply be cute and fun additions to some of your bullet journal spreads.

Bullet journal corner elements

These were some examples of bullet journal elements that can easily brighten up any bujo spread and make your pages more creative and fun.

If you’re looking for shortcuts that’ll help you to decorate your bullet journal more easily, you can find all these elements and more in my printable bujo elements set (but you can use them in digital planners, too).

Bullet journal elements set - 130 decorative pieces for creative journaling

Have fun and enjoy bullet journaling!

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