If you’d like to add unique pages to your planner, or would want to have an entire planner designed the way you envisioned it to be, getting custom printable planner pages is the way to go.

You should consider choosing a custom printable planner pages if:

  • you are frustrated by the time it takes to search for a printable/template that matches your needs,
  • you are disappointed by what you find – printables and/or templates are not what you were hoping for,
  • you are tired of using printables/templates that are not 100% what you are looking for (either something’s missing, or you get an unwanted – and therefore unused – extra),
  • you don’t like the color scheme used in a printable/template you’ve found, even though the design is right (or vice versa),
  • you feel unhappy because you’ve finally found the printable that might work for you, but it’s the wrong size and/or not very printer-friendly,
  • you are really annoyed by that logo/website address forever staring at you from your freebie,
  • you feel bullied by emails just because you downloaded a certain freebie,
  • you are short on time to create printables by yourself,
  • you don’t have enough design/tech skills to do it by yourself,
  • … or any other reason you may have.

Therefore, if you’re finding yourself in some of these situations, want to free up your time and get exactly what you want, a custom design tailored specially to your needs could be a problem-solver.

Using my custom printable planner pages service you’ll receive PDF and high-quality PNG files, which you’ll be able to print off at any time you want and use them for as long as you like.

Here are some examples of printable pages designs. (images are displayed in a lower resolution on purpose)

Daily planner pages:

Weekly planner pages

Designed as week on one or two pages:

Other planner pages

Various additional pages for your planner – from monthly and yearly overview (and reviews), to a calendar page, meal plans, contacts and passwords organizers, habit and mood trackers, health log, notes and lists, goal planning pages, and anything else you might want your planner to have.

If you want me to create one of a kind planner page/pages to match your vision, desires, and needs, feel free to contact me and tell me all about them.

There are several ways how we can get in touch:

  • by typing your message on the contact page on this website,
  • by sending me an email at natasa(at)cutelittlepaper.com,
  • by starting a conversation or requesting a custom order through my Etsy store.

Prices vary depending on the number of pages you request, the complexity of the design, and the type of usage (personal or commercial use).

I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂