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Daily Journaling Prompts For June

We’ve already approached the half-year mark, and here are daily journaling prompts for June that you can explore and write about.

Since June is the month when summer arrives (at least in the Northern hemisphere), and the weather is getting warmer and warmer, the theme for this month is outdoors – with a more focus on different outdoor activities.

(I’m following the monthly themes of my last year’s doodle challenges, so if you’re curious to know upfront what the topics will be, go check them out 😉 )

Just like every month before, here’s a free printable list of journaling prompts – in case you don’t want to spend the time rewriting them (which is a smart thing to do!), so you can instantly place them in your bullet journal or planner and start journaling in a blink of an eye.

And here is the list of all prompts.

  1. When I hear the word “outdoor”, what image comes to my mind? (describe it with as many details as possible)
  2. Write about my favorite outdoor place to be.
  3. What do I like to do there?
  4. What are some other outdoor activities I regularly engage in?
  5. List all fun or exciting outdoor activities I’ve tried out.
  6. Which one left the deepest impression?
  7. What else would I like to try out?
  8. List the feelings you frequently experience during outdoor activities.
  9. What outdoor activity makes me calmest?
  10. What outdoor activity brings me the most excitement?
  11. Describe what I remember about the time when I learned to ride a bike. (or skate, swim, rollerblade…)
  12. What do I like to do the most when I’m outside in nature?
  13. What do I like to do the most when I’m outside in urban surroundings?
  14. Whom do I like to be with when I’m outdoors?
  15. Countryside or town – which one do I prefer and why?
List of June journaling prompts infographic
  1. Lake or river – which one do I prefer and why?
  2. Name 5 must-have items I carry with me whenever I go outside. (why those?)
  3. Write about one of my adventures that happened outdoors.
  4. My favorite memory of an event that happened outdoors.
  5. What is my outdoor hobby and why did I choose that specific one? (if don’t have one, which one could it be)
  6. At what season do I practice this hobby the most?
  7. How can I practice it more throughout the year?
  8. What outdoor activities do I love to practice the most in spring, summer, fall, and winter?
  9. Describe my camping experience. (if don’t have one, describe how it could be)
  10. Describe the weirdest nature walk I had.
  11. Write about an unexpected event that happened while swimming.
  12. Any shocking outdoor incident – positive or negative?
  13. Write about an outdoor event that made me feel proud.
  14. What benefits outdoor activities give me?
  15. Think of 3 ways I can add more outdoor time to my days.

Those were all journaling prompts for June. 

You’re probably eager to write so much more about outdoor fun, activities, and events, but the month has only a certain amount of days…

However, you can always go back to any of these daily journaling prompts and add more details to it – or develop further from a given idea and continue to write what flows naturally from there.

A final reminder from me – take a free printable list of writing prompts to begin this month’s journaling adventure easier and quicker. (p.s. In case you didn’t know, no sign up needed! 😉 )

Thanks for visiting and I hope I’ll see you on Pinterest, too (my favorite online place to be – and maybe it’s yours, as well).

As always, be creative, have fun, and enjoy journaling!

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