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Daisy Bullet Journal Theme – Ideas And Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration for your bullet journal pages, you’re in the right place – I’m here to give you some ideas, and this time I share my daisy flower monthly theme spreads with you. (you can also check out my other monthly themes here

As you will see, daisies were my bullet journal theme for April (not a big surprise, right?), but I think they look very neutral and can work well with any month of the year.

As you probably are aware, a bullet journal is a tool that can help you get better in many different ways, and there’s always room for improvement, making adjustments, testing, and discovering what works for you.

That’s why I’ll comment on each bullet journal page and share my opinions about it.

As you will see, I did make some changes to the “standard” pages I used in previous months, and I also added some new spreads that I wanted to try out – you will see my thoughts about them.

Before we start my daisy monthly theme bullet journal review, I want to let you know that if you’d like to use these pages in your bullet journal, you can get the entire printable set here – it’s suitable for any month of the year.

Printable daisy flower bullet journal theme templates

And now, it’s time for daisy-inspired bullet journal spreads!

Bullet journal monthly cover page

I did my daisy flower cover page in a minimalist style and placed more focus on the name of the month than on daisies themselves. 

Bullet journal April cover page

However, I couldn’t resist the feeling that the spread somehow looked empty, especially since the only color you can add to daisies is a little yellow in the middle… That’s why I placed a daisy border on top and bottom of the page in printable templates, which made the monthly cover page a bit better.

Monthly spread

Next in my bullet journal came the monthly spreads, a place to get a bird’s eye view of the month ahead and its plans. 

Daisy bullet journal monthly spread

Now, just in case you don’t know, I’m a big advocate of goals so I always have a place for them on my monthly spreads. However, I did tweak a few things for this month. 

As you can see in this post for example, earlier I had a “do more” and “do less” box underneath my monthly goals. The idea was to use them as a place to write down what to focus on (or not) and to also keep in mind successful (or not) techniques and strategies to achieve it. 

Unfortunately, although it was a good idea (and something that might work for you), I didn’t use them as much – and in some cases at all, so I decided to test new things instead.

That’s why for this month I placed “steps to take” and “must do” sections, which turned out to be a better fit for me.

Daisy bullet journal habit tracker

Next in my bullet journal was a habit tracker page.

It’s a spread that can help you discover so much more than just how well you’re performing a certain habit (check out this post to see what I mean by it).

Daisy habit tracker page

My monthly habit tracker had a standard vertical layout, but I split the month in half so I could have daisies front and center, which gives a bit of creative touch to it.

(and, yes, I know I still have to work on sticking better with my habits!)

Daisy mood tracker

A simple daisy flower was my mood tracker for this month.

(you can check out other mood tracker ideas if you’re looking for more inspiration for this specific bullet journal spread)

Bullet journal mood tracker page

I did like how it turned out, it was minimalist and eye-catching (and finally, the right size! 😀 ).

However, because I used a yellow-ish color scheme to mark each mood (with similar shades being close together), I had to be really careful when coloring the petals.

As you can see, there was one day when I got the wrong color, and when I wanted to place the right one on top of it, their mix gave a third color that looked like a code for a completely different mood.

Now, I could stick a blank piece of paper on top, and color it the right way (or use other methods to fix my mistake), but I just placed a note stating what it should be and moved on.

The bottom line – “accidents” do and will happen, so don’t sweat over them. 😉

Energy and sleep tracker

Compared to the last months, my daisy bullet journal monthly theme had another new addition – an energy level tracker next to the “standard” sleep tracker. 

This way I wanted to see whether my level of energy in a day correlates with how much sleep I get on a certain day. I have to admit, I see no clear connection, but I’ll continue with this spread for a few more months to get a better image.

BuJo energy level and sleep tracker page

Although my initial spread looked quite blank, after adding mini daisy flowers as energy level markers and grass leaves to the sleep tracker, I’m pretty satisfied with how the page turned out.

(update: I added a stem to each flower so it looks even better this way)

Summary of the day page

Here’s another new addition to my monthly bullet journal pages. In previous months, this would be a place for my success page where I’d write down achievement(s) or positive things that happened in a day. But for this month, I went with the Summary of the day page, a form of a line in a day spread. Not that I thought the Success page was not useful (it sure makes you feel good when you get to read it 🙂 ), but I missed doing that quick recap of the day.

Bullet journal summary of the day page

As you can see, it had an absolutely minimalist design so I could make the most of the space on a page.

Priority page

This is a totally new page I added to my bullet journal this month that I never used before.

(don’t get me wrong, I did have a priority section, but not as a spread on its own)

Daisy bullet journal priority page

Although I like to consider myself as an organized and focused person, I have to admit I was amazed by how this spread helped me to stay on track and, you know, eat that frog in a day. It’s a page I will absolutely continue to use in the months to come. 

Even though this page seems like an incredibly simple and easy tool to boost your productivity (therefore you’ll probably be skeptical about it) I highly recommend you try it out. It might make a big difference for you, too.

Ideas page

Because it’s important for me to have a space to write down random and not-so-random thoughts and ideas, keeping a monthly Ideas page (or some form of it) is an absolute must. 

Daisy bujo ideas page

This month my Ideas page was a mix of notes and many different to-do lists (those that will certainly take more than a week to be completed). 

As for the design – again, this spread follows a minimalist style, which I think that it really goes well with this bullet journal monthly theme.

Daisy bullet journal weekly spreads

I continued to create two fresh versions of weekly spreads, which I then alternate throughout the month.

I like to make these spreads as a week on two pages so that I have a nice overview of the most important tasks, events, or appointments while having just enough space for all I need.

(as you can see, I again have a goal section – this time for weekly ones! must stay focused, right? 😉 )

Daisy bullet journal weekly spread

I liked this weekly spread very much because on top of having enough space to write down all the important items in a day, I had additional room to place any other extras next to each day.

(on this spread you can see an example of super-crazy weather we had here in less than one week!)

Daisy bullet journal weekly spread

As you can see, design-wise these weekly pages were even more minimalist compared to the previous one.

However, this allowed me to have an extra-large goals section (my intention was to also have a space to place action items in it), another large space to put anything else that might come up during the week (for this specific spread it turned out to be like a notes section), and still have additional free space.

(that in this page ended up blank, but I could use it to place a quote, doodle, or sticker there, for example)

Summary of the month page

Summary of the month was another new spread I added to my monthly bullet journal pages.

Daisy bullet journal summary of the month page

The reason why I did this was because I wanted to keep a separate spread for something like an overview of the month (which this is the case), where I would have clearly defined space for professional and personal life aspects while doing another spread for more fun, casual, or random moments worth noting (see the next spread below 😉 ).

Daisy bullet journal memories page

Finally, Memories spread was the last page in my daisy bullet journal monthly theme.

Daisy bullet journal memories page

As I said, I decided to use this place only to write down funny and joyful moments, random cheerful happenings, or other events worth noting that happened during the month.

(surely, you do understand you too should keep a spread like this! 😉 )

And we’ve come to the end of my daisy monthly theme bullet journal spreads tour. I hope you liked it and you got some tips and ideas you could use in your own bullet journaling adventure. 

If you’d want to speed up your planning routine and have these spreads in your bullet journal, you can get your printable templates right here

Printable daisy flower bullet journal theme templates

And here’s a small surprise! Since I wanted these spreads to work with any month of the year, I turned my original monthly calendar spread into a 30 days tracker (so you get a bonus page, which I don’t have in my bullet journal! 😉 ). Don’t worry – the monthly spread is also there, but it has a different layout.

Have fun with journaling and stay tuned for more bullet journal ideas and tips!

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