February doodle prompts
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February Doodle Challenge

January’s already passed, so welcome to the February doodle challenge!

(my, my, how time flies!)

I have to admit, I enjoyed the January doodle challenge, therefore I’ve decided to do a full year of doodles. 😀

(that’s one goal that will be fun all the way through, plus it will be interesting to see all the drawings once they’re done)

So – hello, February!

It’s still winter (and really cold by my standards!), but this month is also the month of love and that’s something to keep us warm. 😉

Therefore, these doodle challenge prompts will be dedicated to all things love and self-love.

(something equally important that we must not forget)

As with the previous month, I’ve created a free template page already filled out with February’s prompts that you can print out and draw your doodles in.

(in case you don’t have a place for it in your planner or a journal, or just don’t want to spend your time rewriting… 😉 )

Have a look below and see the daily topics.

  1. Letter F
  2. Pink ribbon
  3. Your favorite food
  4. Bouquet of roses
  5. XOXO
  6. Perfume
  7. Pattern
  8. Your favorite animal
  9. Box of chocolate
  10. Hearts
  11. Your favorite object
  12. Sunset
  13. Romantic candles
  14. Valentine’s day card
  15. Your favorite color
  16. Number 2
  17. Kiss
  18. Love birds
  19. Your favorite plant
  20. Picture frame
  21. Love letter
  22. Ring
  23. Glasses of wine
  24. Your favorite activity
  25. Love song
  26. Cupid’s arrow
  27. Candy hearts
  28. Your favorite place
  29. Wedding dress
February doodle challenge - list of drawing prompts infographic

That’s it – all of the February doodle challenge prompts that’ll add a touch of creativity into your days.

If you’re also a fan of writing and are looking for some love-themed ideas, check out my February journaling prompts. There’s a list of daily writing prompts that you and your journal will love!

And if you’re in the mood for sharing your creations on Instagram, I’d love to see them!

Just add #clpdoodlechallenge or tag me @cutelittlepaper.

Hope to see you next month when it’ll be time for a new challenge! 🙂

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