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February Journaling Prompts

As promised, here I am, sharing my February journaling prompts with you.

If you were with me last month, then you know how these prompts are structured, and if not, here’s a short version.

Monthly journaling prompts will follow the same themes that I had for last year’s doodle challenges, which means the theme for this month is love – not a big surprise, right?! 😉

As you know, love comes in many forms, and I’ve tried to add a variety of journaling prompts so you can explore its different aspects.

Below you can see exactly what they are, and if you’d like, you can also of them, so you can instantly have them by your side.

(and even though this is not a leap year, I did make 29 of them)

So, without further ado, here are February journaling prompts.

1. What does love mean to me?

What does love mean to you? Is it only about the feelings you get, or do you think actions are maybe more important? (although we both know all of these things matter!)

Does it make you feel more valuable, more alive, secure, or happier? Or maybe you feel more vulnerable, out of control, uncomfortable, and maybe even kind an awkward?

How does love (and the beliefs you have about it) contribute to the quality of your life? Through all of these questions, you can explore and discover what love means to you.

2. What does self-love mean to me?

Although it’s a part of love, self-love is an important segment of it, and as such, it deserves more careful attention.

Start by journaling about what self-love means to you and why it matters for you to have a good relationship with it.

(and even though I believe you’re very well aware of the advantages of a proper self-love image and practices, I do encourage you to write all of those things down – this will help everything to sink in better into your being and reinforce you not only to know this but to also think and act accordingly)

3. For me, what is the difference between like and love?

If like and love would be the same, there won’t be two terms for it. Do you treat these two things differently or do you consider them to be synonyms?

If you’re making a difference between these two words, describe what each one represents to you.

4. What does it take for me to feel loved?

We all want to feel loved, but not everybody has the same standards when it comes to what it takes to obtain this feeling.

Write about what you consider to be the “necessities” that need to happen so you would feel loved.

5. What do I love about my life right now?

What are the things you love about your life right now? Write them down so you can see (and celebrate) how amazing and happy life you have!

6. What do I love to do?

Write down all the things you love to do – from the little things that warm your heart, like enjoying your hobbies or spending time with the people that are most important to you, to some more “serious” stuff, like specific parts of work that you’re strongly passionate about.

Name as many actions and activities you already engage in, which you love performing or being a part of.

7. What would I love to do or do more?

Brainstorm some new activities you could try out and/or begin to engage in (on a regular basis) that would make you feel more fulfilled and satisfied about your life.

Once you identify them, take a moment (and your planner) and find the time to schedule some of them – because it’s the first step from turning your ideas, thoughts, and wishes into actual results.

8. What would I love my life to be?

No matter how you feel about your life at the moment or how old you are, there’s always room for making your life even better and this is the right place to start envisioning what your ideal life would look like.

Put aside all your constraints and allow yourself to think big. Write down what you’d like your perfect life to look like – without adding limits to it.

The thing is, if you can dream it, you can achieve it (this saying exists for a reason), and the first step to make it a reality is actually quite simple – start setting goals.

(and if you want to make sure you will achieve them, see what are the 5 must-have assets you need to have by your side)

9. Where is love on my list of values?

Take a moment to discover where is love on your list of values. Is it already at the place that you believe it’s right for it, or is it lower (or maybe higher?) than you’d like?

In case you don’t understand the importance of this “exercise” (because it really is not an obvious one), your values (and their rank) should be your guide about the way you live your life.

I truly believe that living in alignment with yourself (where your values represent what actually matters to you) is, in some way, a recipe for living a satisfying and content life – something we all would like to experience.

10. How do I express love to others?

Write down all the different ways how you express love to others – from wordings to gestures, that show how you appreciate and care for your loved ones.

11. How can I show/express more love to others on a daily basis?

Like I said, and you know this yourself, there’s always room for improvement. Therefore, think about the ways how you can show more love to others, especially on a daily basis.

Although big happenings and events in life are surely the ones you’ll remember for a long time (and most probably, forever), life consists of so many more days that we tend to view as “ordinary” and it’s the little things in those days that actually make our lives fuller, happier, and more joyful.

That’s why I encourage you to find more of those small gestures and moments that make an “average” day (and life) precious, heartwarming, and cherishable.

12. Is there something stopping me from expressing more love?

Do you believe you can express more love? If so, what’s stopping you from doing so? Is it the environment, your beliefs, upbringing, or something completely else?

Write these observations down, and if you want to express more love than you do at the moment, think of the ways how you can overcome them.

List of February journaling prompts infographic

13. Write about different kinds of love.

When you think about love, the first thing that might come to your mind would probably be a romantic type of love, but you very well not there’s much more than that.

This is the place to identify and write your thoughts and feelings about as many different kinds of love as you can. You can also explore how you value each one (and why), what each one gives you, and what do you give to each one of them.

14. What traits do I consider attractive in a person?

Have you ever thought about what traits do you consider attractive in a person? What are they or what would they be?

You can take a step further and look for the characteristics that persons you were with have in common. Do these two lists of traits match or not? Why do you think it is so?

You might get some interesting insights after journaling about this.

15. Write about the love of my life.

Who is the love of your life? Why was this specific person the one who won this title (and when it comes to love, an answer “I just feel so” is absolutely a legitimate one!)? Describe this person, write what’s so magical about him/her, and why you feel so.

I believe this should not be a difficult task. However, if you don’t have the love of your life (yet), there’s no need to skip this journaling prompt. You can write how you envision the love of your life, and who knows – one day this person will be a part of your life.

16. Write a love letter to the one person I love the most.

Write a love letter to the person you love the most – and if you didn’t do this in “real life”, why not make a copy of it on a piece of paper and actually send (or give) it to this special person.

Dive into your feelings and express how much this person means to you and how grateful you are for him/her being a part of your life and enriching it.

17. Write about my self-love relationship.

Write about your self-love relationship.

For a start, are you aware you have one (and even if you think you don’t, here’s a surprise – you actually do!)? Are you satisfied with your self-love relationship? Explain why you think so and how you feel about it, what it brings you, and how it improves the image you have about yourself and your life.

18. Write a love letter to myself.

Just like you wrote a love letter to the person you love the most, now it’s time to do the same thing, but with one difference – the person you’re writing this letter to is no one else but you!

If this seems like a difficult task to accomplish (as might be the case for some people, especially if they’re not accustomed to showing and practicing self-love), here’s one tip that will help you to easier achieve it.

Write as you were some other person who’s deeply in love with you and sees all of your beauties and positive sides you carry inside (and outside) yourself. This small trick should be enough to help you start (and finish) writing a love letter to one very special person – and that is you.

19. How can I love myself more?

No matter if you already practice some form of self-love or not, there are additional ways how you can love yourself even more.

Think what those ways might be, write them down, and – of course – start practicing them!

(you can also take a look at 20 ways to love yourself to get some inspiration)

20. Write 5 things I truly love about my body.

Sadly, in today’s world, a lot of people don’t have a positive body image of themselves. You can blame it on “perfect” influencers or the messages (and pressures) we get from media and society, but the truth is – nobody is “perfect”, and nobody is all “bad”.

Also, nobody can make you feel “not good enough” unless you allow them.

So, yes, you might not have the “perfect” weight, or the “perfect” height, “perfect” proportions, or any other “perfect” body aspect (if you do, that’s great, but keep in mind, it doesn’t make you superior to others), but I guarantee you have many other things that are just as beautiful and worth loving.

It’s all about your mindset and the way you perceive yourself – and your body. For example, it could be your eyes, a smile, the way you walk or talk, what your body (or a part of it) is allowing you to do or is capable of, even loving your hairstyle counts! You can even love (and be proud of!) your wrinkles – they are a sign of the emotions you mostly felt and expressed throughout your life.

With this way of looking at things, I believe it will be an easy task to write the five things you truly love about your body.

21. Write 5 things I truly love about my personality.

This one should be an easy task – write down the five things you truly love about your personality. With so many positive characteristics to choose from, I believe the hardest thing will be how to narrow down the list! 😉

22. Write down my favorite quote about love.

Write down your favorite quote about love (for “bonus points”, get creative and make a special design for it, so it looks even more inspirational) and explain why this particular quote won this title over all others there.

Inspirational quote - Where there is love, there is life

23. What is in the way of having more love in my life?

Do you think you could add more love to your life? Is there something standing in the way? Do some of your actions or beliefs contribute to this? Explore and try to discover what those things might be.

24. What is one way that I can feel more love each day?

Think of the one way that you can feel more love each day. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be something complex or time-consuming.

Most of the time, the simplest things like giving a genuine smile, kind word, or a hug are equally effective, and since they’re so easy to do, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose one of them and start practicing it each day.

25. Do I feel loved enough right now?

Answer honestly, do you feel loved enough right now? No matter what your answer is, who is the person (or persons) that make you feel so and why? Do you think this (or these) person is the only one who has the power to make you feel so (hint: look inside yourself, too)? Consider sharing and/or discussing these findings with them.

26. Did I feel loved enough by my parents when I was a child?

Depending on the relationship you had with your parents during your childhood, the way they expressed it, and what your expectations or needs were, the answer to this question can vary highly in the level of emotional intensity and its findings.

Although we all would want more love (because it’s just natural to want more of the good things), write your observations – did you feel loved enough by your parents when you were a child? Do you feel the same way about that now as you did back then (considering the time distance and looking from a different “life lens”, due to experiences and life lessons you had about love, childhood, growing up, or parenting throughout this time)?

Does the same stand for both of your parents or there are some specifics in the emotions shared and given to you (and vice versa) by your mother or a father? What impact did it have on your life at the time (and also later on)? Did it shape your beliefs or behavior in some way? In what way (positive, negative)?

Take some time to journal about these questions (and others that come to you along the way), see what you can learn from this, and how you can improve your life (and the ones around you) further.

27. Did I feel loved enough by my friends when I was a child?

This journaling prompt is almost identical to the previous one, except it focuses on your friends and peers that were a part of your childhood (and maybe some of them are still a part of your life, which by itself means you share a strong bond).

Think and write about how you felt at those moments, what you think about it now, and how it shaped your life then – and maybe still.

28. What has love taught me throughout life?

In one way or another, love was, is, and will be a part of your life from the very first days to its end. So far, what has love taught you throughout life? What did you learn from giving and receiving love? In what ways did it make your life richer, better, meaningful, and absolutely worth living?

29. How can I change any disempowering belief about love?

Throughout this journaling process, you might have discovered that you carry some disempowering beliefs about love. (for example, when journaling about questions number 12, 17, 23, 25, 26, 27)

If you identified some beliefs that block the full potential that love can give you, now’s the time to stop, think, and write about different ways that can help you change or eliminate these beliefs.

That was it for February journaling prompts about love.

I hope you like them and that additional explanations and questions gave you a bit more guidance on your journaling journey.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to have a printable version of these February journaling prompts, you can freely

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Until the next time, love and be loved. 🙂

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