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Fresh & Fun Ideas You’ll Be Happy To Do In A Relationship

Wondering what could be things to do in a relationship that both you and your partner would enjoy?

In that case, welcome to the second post dedicated to the little things that make our lives happier and more complete!

(and here you can take a look at the list of 25 things to do by yourself for free)

This time I’ve decided to focus on the little things which you can do with your significant other.

The goal was to come up with a list of some fresh and fun ideas you’ll both be happy to take part in.

However, I am aware that there are a few non-fresh items in here.

(guilty as charged!)

Still, I had to count them in, they are like a little black dress when it comes to fashion, so I hope you’ll forgive me… 😉

Are you ready?

Ta-da-da-daaaaa… (it’s the sound of fanfare, in case you haven’t noticed! 😀 )

Here’s a list of fun things to do in a relationship.

Make a time capsule

Set some time aside and put your dearest memories, things, and events (write them down on a piece of paper or put some items which are related to them) which just the two of you share and what makes your relationship unique in a time capsule.

Don’t forget to include a “prophecy” for your future together.

When the time comes to open it, it will be interesting to see all the items you’ve put inside, and whether the future brought what you were hoping for.

Take a massage

This one is an instant feel better activity. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy having a massage?

And to be fair, don’t forget to take turns! 😉

Even if you or your significant other are (probably) not professional masseurs, just knowing your darling is the one giving you a massage will relax you and make you feel refreshed whatever the moves made.

Have a date night

No matter if you’re just a young couple or you’ve celebrated the 30th anniversary together, at least once in a while have a date night just to yourselves.

It doesn’t have to be something to pressure yourself about (like creating a perfect, one-of-a-kind event to be remembered for an eternity, although, cool if you can pull it off!).

Even dinner at home can turn into a wonderful date night just by adding some special dessert, sprinkled with the soft, warm, and engaging conversation between the two of you.

Dream out your future

Because dreaming is a necessity from time to time. 🙂

Through dreaming out your future together, not only will you get the ideas on what goals you want to set for yourselves (and maybe even create a frame to work towards them), but you can also learn something about each other.

Make popcorns and watch a movie

I know, nothing new with this one, but there’s a good reason why it’s being mentioned all over the place.

When low on energy and just want some time to recharge (sounds familiar?) and also to spend pleasant moments with your significant other, this one easy activity is the one to go to.

I mean, who doesn’t like popcorn and a movie, even in a home environment?!

And believe me, sometimes the simplest things are the best (which you already know, I’m sure!)!

Take funny pictures

If in a mood for a good laugh together and don’t mind being silly, you should, by all means, take funny pictures of yourself together or take turns while photographing each other.

Thankfully, we live in a world of digital cameras (for quite a long time!), so you don’t need to worry about the number of pictures you can take or whether someone will think you’re weird by seeing your totally goofy pictures when developing them.

So, relax, be your best silly self and have fun together!

Plan a holiday/trip

Raise a hand if you love to travel!

(indulge me in it, just to let you know, I’m raising mine! 🙂 )

I’m sure your significant one likes it also.

So, another great way to spend the time together is to sit down and plan out your next holiday or trip.

It doesn’t have to be the next, though.

Even better if it’s a more sophisticated one (I don’t want to say complicated and/or expensive one, but yeah, it usually goes together).

Maybe you’re not in a position to make it happen anytime sooner, so it’s an excellent idea to plan it out on time, and you’ll have a better chance to actually achieve it. Yeeeah!

Make little changes in your routine

The one thing which can kill all the passion is (a boring) routine.

So don’t get stuck in it.

Even when faced with a routine, add or change some of its components from time to time.

Make it look like a game, a challenge, a contest, or just add some fun to freshen it up.

When coming home, why not sing a few lines of your favorite song instead of just “Honeeey, I’m home!” (anybody else gets a mental image of Fred Flintstone right now? 🙂 )?

Make love

I really don’t think anything should be added as an explanation for this one.


Take a bike ride

Another easy, fun activity for the two of you is riding a bike.

You can even make it as a small get-away and go for a ride in non-urban surroundings (whether it’ll be a dusty road or forest-like scenery).

Maybe make a race out of it, too?

Or, for an extra layer of fun, see if you can find a tandem bicycle or a pedal car, go for a ride, and be really in it together.

Go for a walk

It’s sure not a new idea but is beneficial in so many ways that it became a classic (for any occasion, that is).

So it wouldn’t be fair of me to ignore it.

A walk, especially in nature, is by itself one of the most relaxing, calming, inspiring activities which doesn’t ask for much effort, yet it gives a lot.

And it’s even better when you have someone to walk by your side.

And who could be a better company than your significant other, am I right?

(ok, your kids, friends, and even your dog can be a good substitute, too, but you get my point… after all, I’m talking about your significant other throughout this article!)


Depending on your character and current mood, you can dance like any “normal” person in love, or in the silliest way possible.

Either way, the music, the atmosphere, and the motion you create will surely make a dear memory that you’ll cherish in the future.

Work on a project

Why not try to do some home-related project together?

Even the handyman-type of tasks, which need to be done anyhow (and there are always tasks like that at home, I know…), can make a nice opportunity for you to have some totally new time together and create an even stronger bond between you (plus maybe you’ll learn a new skill along the way).

Bonus – you can get some work done at the end.

(and you know that the work which is done by yourself is the most valued work, like… ever! and also a thing to brag about to your friends and family. 😉 )

Play cards or do a puzzle

Even though it might sound like an activity which only some old, married couples do, this one can be quite a fun, relaxing way for you to spend some time together.

Combine it with some nice, background music, maybe a glass of wine, and an interesting conversation between the two of you, and I’m sure you’ll change your mind about this activity in the future (if you don’t already like it, that is).

Have fun with a make-a-meal competition

Make a separate meal just by using the ingredients you already have in your fridge (both you and your darling).

In the end, try each other’s dishes, be fair and honest, and choose the winner.

(the loser gets the dishes! 😉 )

Needless to say, it’s the meal for the day?

You can even light a few candles and make it a special event.

(bonus: the first runner-up is your ready-made meal for tomorrow. 🙂 how cool is that, huh?)

Start a new tradition

Any day is a good day to start a new tradition just for yourselves.

And by tradition I mean some small, easy, but fun, and happy things to add to your schedule.

Like, start the day off by telling a joke the first thing in the morning (ok… maybe better after a morning coffee. 😉 ), or when you just come home from work, talk about the reasons you’re happy to be at home instead of telling the stuff which frustrated you at the workplace (so, you should do this like… almost every day? Urgh… I hope not…).

Learn something new

I’m sure you have a lot of common topics and interests, but for a start, choose the one which looks like the most appealing to you both, and which you would want to dive in further and deepen your knowledge about.

Find a Youtube video describing the process you’re striving to learn and later on, implement that knowledge.


Do an anti-strip game

You’ve probably already played some form of a game that involved stripping (come on, just admit it!).

But, I can almost guarantee you haven’t tried the opposite (ha! gotcha!).

So why not try? It could be fun!

This time, instead of taking a part of your clothes off, you should put it on (makes sense, huh?).

Continue playing the game until either one of you can’t move anymore from all those layers of wardrobe or overheats/can’t breathe normally before that!

It’s your call to decide whether that person is a winner or actually a loser of the game. 🙂

Try out new ways to make a tea/coffee

Whether you are a coffee or tea lover (or even both), there has to be a way to prepare your favorite sips of beverage you haven’t tried out yet.

Search for a new recipe on how to make a new, exciting cup of coffee/tea, or try to be creative and experiment on your own by adding various components and trying them out.

(just got to tell you in advance, the salt won’t work at all… I made that mistake once thinking it was sugar. there are no words to describe the taste of such coffee… however, I haven’t tried it with the tea, though! 😀 )

When finding the winning recipe, create a special name for it and spread the word out – share that gorgeous creation of yours.

Make your bucket list

I love bucket lists. They keep my heart warm.

This one is no different, except you’re creating it together, keeping both of you in mind.

Make it as long as your heart desires.

And best of all, your bucket list can be easily used as a resource list for all those personal, inspiring goals you want to achieve in your future together.

Make your own inkblot-test (Rorschach test)

It rains for days and days in a row, you ran out of all ideas on what to do to have quality time, and you don’t want to end with a TV as the only option left?

Why not try to create your own ink-blot test then?

Just grab some watercolors and a piece of paper and you’re all set.

After creating the images, test each other out, and discuss your views and findings!

It could be “dangerously” interesting!

Take a day trip around the neighborhood

No matter how long you’re living there, or how large or small your neighborhood might be, I’m pretty positive there are still some corners of it left undiscovered.

You can go on a mission and reveal all of its secrets.

And even if you know every square inch of your nearest surroundings, you can still go out and pretend one of you is a tour guide, and the other knows nothing about the places you’re going.

It’ll be fun to hear how your neighborhood gets to be explained.

Don’t forget to take turns!

Create a holiday for yourselves

Besides the obvious dates (when you first got together, started to live together, got married…), you can pick out any day of the year and create your special holiday out of it.

Design a theme, decide what should be done on that day, and create the whole mood around it.

Whether you’ll call it an “Eat what you want day” or a sweeter one such as “You are my sunshine day”, the choice is up to you.

And be sure to mark the calendar, so you don’t forget about it the next year (until it grows on you 🙂 ).

Dress each other up

Always wondered what your significant other would look like in certain clothes, but never had a chance or a way to see it?

Now’s your time!

Agree to one another you’ll dress up the way other wants.

See your results.

Maybe they’re sending some secret messages (and there’s a high chance they are), so this could be a starting point for something completely different. 😉

Pretend you’re buying a property

…Unless you really are! 🙂

If you love to see what other houses look like, this one activity can sure be fun for you both.

In the end, you might find the inspiration and motivation needed to redo a couple of areas at your own place (which was something you’ve always wanted to do but never actually got to do it!).

And there you go! (what?!… already?!)

Those were some ideas to get you up and going!

(if you’re a fan of journaling and self-improvement, you can always follow me on Pinterest and get more creative ideas 😉 )

Now it’s your turn!

What are your favorite things to do with your significant other?

Care to share them here with me?

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