100 goals you can set this year
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Goal Setting Ideas – A List Of 100 Goals You Can Set This Year

The New Year has just started and so it’s time for the famous New Year Resolutions and some goal setting.

Don’t you just love it?

(I certainly do! 🙂 )

And even though statistic is highly unfavorable when it comes to New Year resolutions success rate, I’ve discovered a reason that will make your goal unstoppable, so have no worries! 😉 

No matter if you’re creating goals out of the blue, or have questions that will guide you along the way, one thing is sure – no one can escape from declaring at least one goal for the year ahead.

If you’re still brainstorming about your future goals, or are just looking for ideas on what you should choose to focus on in the future, here’s a list of goals to get the inspiration going.

To make it easier to navigate through, all goals are sorted by different life categories, so you can jump straight to the section that interests you the most.

(this can come in especially handy if you decide to work on reaching your Level 10 Life)

Ready? Here they are! 🙂

A List Of 100 Goal Setting Ideas

Family & Friends

  • Have dinner with your parents once a week
  • Give a small present for no special reason
  • Do a girls’/guys’ night once a month
  • Create a family fun day on a monthly basis and make it a tradition
  • Help a family member or a friend when needed
  • Send a card to family and friends around the holidays
  • Talk more with your kid(s) 
  • Call someone once a month instead of texting
  • Meet new people
  • Give a family member a genuine compliment each day

(you can find some more ideas in a post 10 Big Little Things You Can Do With Friends And Family)

Personal Development

  • Read one book each month
  • Start practicing mindfulness
  • Attend a seminar or class on a topic of interest
  • Do one thing that scares you on a monthly/weekly basis
  • Try out a new hobby
  • Do a 30 days challenge on a topic of your interest
  • Track your achievements weekly and observe and evaluate the progress you make
  • Keep a journal or blog for thoughts 
  • Learn a new language
  • Stop procrastinating
Goal Setting Inspirational Quote - You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream


  • Record your daily gratitude
  • Make scripture reading a daily habit
  • Get to know different religions
  • Pray daily and at the time that feels right for you – in the morning, evening, or mealtime for example
  • Try out visualization and the law of attraction
  • Reserve 15-30 minutes of quiet time to reflect on your day
  • Discover and practice a meditation technique that works for you
  • Define what spirituality means to you
  • Attend church services more frequently
  • Explore your own beliefs
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  • Create an emergency fund and use it only for that purpose
  • Try a no-spend week
  • Set a monthly budget and stick to it
  • Open an individual retirement account
  • Stop buying things you really don’t need
  • Pay off one credit card debt
  • Think of ways to create additional income streams
  • Check for the best prices and shop accordingly
  • Contribute more to lowering student loans
  • Set aside X amount of money per month and put it to your savings account

(and check out bullet journal budget tracker and finance pages that can help you take better control of your money)

Printable Goal Planner - Set, Plan Out, Track And Achieve Your Goals


  • Get certified in X to help you specialize in your field
  • Find a mentor or a person to look up to
  • Examine the current state of your career and determine the next steps
  • Attend an industry-specific conference
  • Seek out opportunities for professional growth
  • Ask your manager to add you to a project you’re interested in
  • Learn a new skill that will help you move forward in your career
  • Join an in-person networking group and meet more people in your industry or field
  • Complete a course that will improve your skill
  • Say yes to a challenging project


  • Start your own special tradition
  • Remind your significant other how much you appreciate him/her
  • Wake up each day with a kiss
  • Plan a vacation or staycation
  • Prepare a special meal for your significant other
  • Write a card or a small letter to your loved one and place it somewhere where he/she will be pleasantly surprised
  • Try something new together
  • Surprise your better half with a present he/she always wanted
  • Turn off the technology and have a conversation over dinner
  • Do something your loved one will appreciate

(you can find more ideas in a post Fresh & Fun Ideas You’ll Be Happy To Do In A Relationship)

List Of 100 Goals You Can Set In 10 Areas Of Your Life Infographic

Fun & Recreation

  • Have a short sightseeing trip on a monthly basis
  • Join a local club sport
  • Try out 1 different board game per week
  • Host a costume party
  • Go to your favorite artist’s concert – in another city
  • Try mountain hiking
  • Be a tourist in your own hometown and do something touristy
  • Go to the movies each month or visit that museum you always wanted to but never actually did!
  • Go ziplining
  • Have a how-fast-can-you-complete-a-jigsaw-puzzle contest

(get more inspiration from a post 25 Things To Do By Yourself -For Free-)

Giving or Contribution

  • Decide to give X amount of money on a monthly basis to an organization that resonates with your beliefs
  • Pay it forward at least once in a drive-through or restaurant
  • Take part in activities that are organized by your local community
  • Volunteer at a shelter
  • Start your own fundraising campaign to improve some aspect of your local life
  • Donate food (or supplies) to an organization
  • Help out or give free classes to children in your neighborhood on the topic you’re fluent in
  • Join a local church choir
  • Open a donation group and help contribute to an organization of your choice (use your Facebook, Instagram, or some other social media account to grow awareness)
  • Donate stuff you no longer use
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  • Keep your desk clean on a daily basis
  • Make your vegetable garden
  • Organize a room or closet that you have neglected
  • Recycle whenever you can
  • Decorate or re-decorate a room
  • Plant a tree
  • Cut car drives and use public transport or ride a bicycle instead
  • Clean out the garage / basement / storage
  • Make a special, cozy place for yourself in your yard
  • Try a 1-in-1-out system to stop the clutter from forming
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Health & Fitness

  • Walk 10k steps each day
  • Make a habit to hydrate yourself on a daily basis
  • Run a marathon race
  • Start creating a meal plan and make it a lasting ritual
  • Lose (or maybe even gain?) X pounds this year
  • Consume fresh fruits and vegetables daily to boost your immune system
  • Focus on positive things in your life
  • Do a week without sugar
  • Go to sleep at the proper time
  • Exercise three times per week

(see great health and fitness tracker page ideas you can add to your planner or bullet journal that’ll help you develop a healthier lifestyle and stay on the right track)

And that’s it!

A list of 100 goals you can set this year.

(or any time, as a matter of fact! 😉 )

Once you decide what your goal might be, consider writing it in a SMART format.

It’s a great starting point to further plan out your goal and make it easier to grasp and achieve it.

Oh, and I must not forget, these 5 assets guarantee your success!

(so make sure to have them by your side! 😉 )

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