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My January Bullet Journal Stars Theme

If you like to get inspiration and ideas by looking at other people’s bullet journals (btw, I don’t know a bujo person who doesn’t!) this is your lucky day – I’m sharing my January bullet journal stars theme with you (and I plan to continue with this practice throughout the year! 😀 ).

But before we start, I have a confession to make. 

For more than half of the year, my bullet journal followed the same layout. Not that it hasn’t been useful – it sure helped me to get organized and follow through with all the little and big things I had and wanted to do, but it started to be a bit… well, predictive.

So with the beginning of the new year (the one I believe we all have been waiting for, because 2020 wasn’t as expected, in one form or another), I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and get more creative. 

My idea was to do a different theme for each month, as well as to use different page layouts to add variety (and more fun) to my bullet journal.

The stars theme is the one I’m starting my bullet journaling year with, and now I’m sharing my real-life results with you.

Here are all the pages of my January 2021 bullet journal.

(in case you like them and would want to use the exact pages in your bullet journal – without spending time recreating them, you can get the entire set here – it comes with and without the word January, so it can be used for any month of the year 😉 ) 

Bullet journal stars theme cover page

As you can see, my cover page was pretty simple, but to the point of the theme.

Bullet journal stars theme cover page

Monthly spread

For my monthly spread, I decided to do a two-page, calendar-style month at a glance, with two additional boxes.

One was for my monthly goals (something I regularly use because I’m a firm believer in setting goals – and going after them), and another one that I named “focus” – to remind myself of the key areas that should be on top of my list each day.

Monthly spread

Even though my monthly spread is more empty than not, that is precisely why it’s useful to me. It clears out the “task clutter” and overviews the big picture I have for the upcoming month.

Bullet journal stars theme habit tracker

The next page in my bullet journal is a habit tracker page.

This one, in some form, is also a must to me for any month, day, or week.

(if you wonder why, I have an entire post dedicated to the habit tracker benefits, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s not only about tracking habits!

Bullet journal stars habit tracker

I’m pretty satisfied with the way it turned out, although all of these stars might seem too busy.

(and in case you’re wondering what is the first thing I suffered the most with throughout this month, it’s trying to wake up earlier! but, as you can see, I’m getting the hang of it! 😉 ) 

Mood tracker page

Along with a habit tracker I’ve placed a mood tracker page, and this is what it looks like.

Bullet journal stars theme mood tracker page

Although it seemed like a good layout at first (and it goes absolutely well with my bullet journal stars theme), I got to admit, once I got to coloring, I had the impression that I should have made the stars larger (at least that’s what I think). Well – lesson learned for the next time…

(and here you can find more mood tracker ideas if you’re interested)

Success page

This month I wanted to try out keeping a monthly success page in a form of one line in a day.

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this yourself, but sometimes (well, to be honest – a lot of times) I tend to look forward and think about future actions and priorities so I skip appreciating all the little (or bigger) things I’ve accomplished or that have happened to me in the meantime.

Therefore, my intention was to note anything worth celebrating that has happened to me during each day of January. This way, when I flip through my bullet journal and look back, I can have a single place that serves as proof of my achievements and growth. 😉

(do check out some other must-have lists in your life if you’re a list-type of person)

Success page

It’s certainly not the most beautiful spread in this month, but it’s surely an awesome one to have – no matter what month we’re talking about.

Stars theme sleep log spread

What would a bullet journal stars theme be without stars – and my sleep log page ended up having more than enough of them! 😉

Although I considered myself as a person who has a regular sleeping routine, it turned out I’m not that predictive.

Stars theme sleep log page

What amazed me even more is the connection I saw between the amount of sleep and how energetic I felt during the day. It wasn’t the way I expected it to be! Therefore, I’ve decided to continue having this spread at least for the next few months and see the “final” results.

Brain dump pages

Since I wasn’t sure how much brainstorming or random thoughts January will bring me, I did a brain dump spread – just in case…

Brain dump pages

As you can see, so far there weren’t many, but you can never tell.

If nothing else, at the end of the month I can use the remaining space for doodles, quotes, or as mental preparation for the following month.

Bullet journal stars theme weekly spreads

Next in the line are my weekly spreads.

You see, this year I’ve set two goals for my bullet journal. One is to do daily journaling prompts (I’m sharing them as a monthly post when the time for it comes), while my other bullet journaling goal is a kind of a challenge. I decided to make as many different weekly spreads – without losing my sanity – so I could test and uncover what fits me the most, plus it will make my bullet journal more fun and creative.

That’s why I did two versions of weekly spreads that are repeating (remember the “without losing my sanity” part? 😉 ).

Stars theme weekly spread
Stars theme weekly spread

Both weekly layouts have a space for each day of the week, a weekly goals section (I’ve already told you that this is a must for me), and a weekly to-do section in a form of the Alastair method.

I’ve used this way of noting my to-dos for more than a year (yup, more than 50 weeks in a row!) and it has been amazingly effective, but to my surprise, and as you can see, now I had nothing written there!

I have no idea how has that happened, maybe I didn’t have complex tasks to deal with, but the most probable reason for this is that I didn’t “prepare” and list all of my to-do tasks at once at the beginning of each week (because that’s what I was doing when using this method).

Therefore, for the next month, I’ve decided to skip this section and place something else instead – or just make more room for daily entries (you’ll see the results). 

Memories pages

Finally, as a recap of the month, I created memories spreads.

Although I already have a success page, I wanted to have this place as well, where I can write down any other moment that has been fun, interesting, or worthy of memory.

Memories page

And with that, my January bullet journal stars theme pages have come to an end.

If you’d like to have all of these bujo spreads – and set up your entire month in a matter of minutes, you can find the templates here (and use them for any month you wish).

Bullet journal stars theme pages - printable templates

I hope that through these pages you’ve not only got inspired but also discovered some tips and ideas that you can use for your own bullet journaling.

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