January journaling prompts
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January Journaling Prompts

If you’re looking for January journaling prompts, I’m happy to inform you that you’ve come to the right place! 😉

Now, you may or may not know that I’m a big fan of planners and planning, but there is another form of writing that I wanted to get serious about for a long time.

Yup, you’ve guessed it, I’m talking about journaling.

This is the year when I’ve decided to add it to my planning routine and turn the two into a planning/journaling daily session! 😉

I don’t know about you, but to my mind, planning and journaling are two different things, and although they share some common points, somehow over the years I got more and more into planning and spent less (and less) time journaling. (a shameful confession, but true!)

Honestly, I have no idea why it was so because the creative freedom I got from journaling felt amazing – plus the insights that might suddenly emerge shed a light on my true self and show me the direction I should take. (definitely not something to underestimate!

Anyway, as I said, this year I’ve decided to bring back my journaling habit and these monthly journaling prompts are my way to stay consistent about it all year long. 

(hopefully, by the time the year ends, my journaling habit will be firmly formed, and I will continue practicing it 😉 )

In case you too would like to grow your journaling side, these journaling prompts can give you the inspiration you might need.

(so it’s a win-win for both of us!)

You could consider these posts as monthly journaling challenges if you will so feel free to join them or share their existence. 🙂

In case you’re new to this site, last year I had themed doodle challenges (check them out if you feel artistic), so in order to simplify things I’ve decided to keep the same theme for each month and brainstorm journaling prompts around the subject – this way I also hope to have no two journaling prompts the same!

In light of that idea, January journaling prompts will be about winter (and a bit about New Year, too).

Here’s a list of prompts I’ve come up with.

1. My thoughts about the New Year. 

Write down your thoughts about the New Year, what you love or don’t like about it, and why you feel that way. Is there something special about this specific New Year worth mentioning?

2. Write a New Year’s greeting to myself. 

More or less often you write a card to your loved ones for some special occasion, but have you ever written a greeting card to yourself? What would you say and what words would you use to wish yourself a Happy New Year?

3. If I could sum up the last year in one word, it would be… 

What is the one word that best describes how the past year has been for you? Why did you choose that exact word? Back up your claim.

4. The one New Year resolution I will stick to no matter what. 

It’s no secret – we usually create at least a few New Year resolutions around this time of the year. I know it, you know it, heck – we all know it, not all of them (if any!) will be achieved.

However, this is the place to write down your one New Year resolution that you truly intend to keep! Don’t forget to explain why it matters to you. (and if you’re stuck on ideas, here’s a post with 100 goals you can set this – or any other- year

5. What can help me to stay on track and achieve it? 

Brainstorm and list at least a few helpful ways that can assist you in achieving your chosen New Year resolution. (and while we’re at it, have a look at 16 ways that will help you reach your goals and the essential assets you need to have by your side)

6. What do I love about winter and why? 

Describe the things you love about winter. What is about them that makes you feel so? 

7. What I don’t love about winter and why? 

Even though winter can be beautiful and fun, there are certainly some things you don’t like about it. Write them down.

8. What makes me feel cold (and not just the weather)? 

This is a bit abstract question not directly related to winter (apart from cold – well, at least in the northern hemisphere 😉 ). Now, I’m not referring to the weather here, although it can also be mentioned, but to the emotions or actions that make your heart feel cold or sad. 

9. I freeze when… 

Is there something that leaves you paralyzed or unable to respond? Something you are afraid of or something that can shock you so that you have no words or ways to express yourself at the moment? Write about those things.

10. 5 ways I can melt (or warm up) when I feel frozen. 

There are always ways that can help lift up our spirits, warm our hearts, or inspire us to take action. Name at least five things, actions, or people that have such an impact on you.

11. My favorite winter holiday.

Write about your favorite winter holiday, why you love it, when you started to like it, your first memories about it, how would you describe it, is there some unique details in the way you’re celebrating it…

List of January journaling prompts infographic

12. My best winter day (imaginative or real). 

Journal about your imaginative or a real-life winter day that left the biggest positive impression on you.  What would your ideal winter day look like? What was your best winter day so far? Describe it in as much detail as you’d like.

13. Winter now and then. 

Compare winters when you were younger or those from your childhood as opposed to now. Do you feel the same about it or do you view winter through a different lens? What has changed? Are winters really different now than they were years ago?

14. If I were a snowflake… 

Imagine you were a snowflake. Write about how would you look like, where would you be, where you would fall, and what would/could all happen to you. 

15. 5 winter must-haves. 

– name 5 things you can not imagine winter without. Are they things related to winter itself, some of your personal belongings, or a mix of the two? Why have you chosen those things over others? How would you feel if some of them (or all?) were missing this or any other winter?

16. What I like to do in the winter. 

Journal about your favorite winter activities, either indoor or outdoor (ideally, both! 😉 )

17. Describe winter day using five senses. 

How would you describe a typical winter day at your place using five senses?

18. My favorite winter movie. 

What is your favorite winter movie? What is it about? Is it even about winter or you just prefer to watch it in the wintertime? Why do you like it?

19. My favorite winter song.

Do you have a favorite winter song? As with the previous prompt – what is it, what it’s about, and why do you like it?

20. What is the one winter feeling I’d like to have with me all year long? 

First of all, what feelings do you associate with winter? Which one among them would you like to feel regularly or more frequently during the entire year? Are there some ways that can help you revive that feeling during other seasons? 

21. How can I make this wintertime even better?

There is always room for progress! 😉 Therefore, think of at least one way you can make this wintertime better for yourself or your loved ones.

22. What is the thing (or things) in which I regress during winter?

Sometimes winter makes us feel tired and slow, and we don’t have the same kick of enthusiasm as we may have in other seasons. (blame it on the lack of sunshine) In light of this assumption, what is the thing (or things) in which you regress during wintertime?

23. How can I neutralize this winter setback? 

If you’ve uncovered a weak spot in the previous prompt, think about ways you can turn it around. What can you do to keep it near its average level (or to see no change at all)? Is there maybe a way to even further improve it?

24. My favorite winter outdoor activity when I was a kid. 

Journal about what it was and why you loved doing it. Do you still practice it? If not, what is the reason why?

25. Where would I like to be during wintertime? 

Describe where would you like to be during the wintertime. Is it where you are or someplace else? Why do you prefer that exact place? How long would you like to stay there – is a daily trip to it enough or would you spend the entire winter there? Why?

26. What drink do I like the most when it’s winter?

What do you like the most to drink during winter? Do you drink it more frequently now or is some other drink the one that you regularly consume in the wintertime? Describe this drink and write its recipe if you’d like.

27. My favorite winter quote. 

Write down your favorite winter quote and explain why you’ve chosen that particular one.

Inspirational quote - To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake

28. How do I feel about days being shorter?

It’s a fact that days are shorter in wintertime. How do you feel about it? Does it affect you in any way or not? 

29. I’m grateful for winter because… 

Winter has its ups and downs, but there’s surely something you can be thankful for. Write down the thing or things that winter provides and for which you are grateful.

30. An important event that happened to me during the winter. 

Can you remember some personal event that happened to you during the winter? What was it and how big it was? Did it make a positive or a negative impact on you (or maybe even write about each one)? What you’ve learned out of it or has it changed you in any way?

31. My favorite winter outdoor outfit.

Journal about your favorite clothes that you wear outdoors during the winter. How often do you wear it? Describe how you feel wearing it. Is it comfortable, large, or bulky, warm, soft, what are its colors, when and where have you bought it?…

That was it – one journaling prompt for each day of January!

You can use them as they are, or consider these prompts as a starting point for your own journaling journey, where you can freely expand on a topic that inspires you or skip those that seem uninteresting to you.

As the year goes by, I’ll continue to post my monthly journaling prompts, and eventually (well, actually, the next year around this time, to be precise! 😉 ) you will be able to find them all by clicking on this link. (and in the meantime, you’ll see whatever is available at the moment)

If you’d like to , you can freely do so. 😉

I hope we’ll see each other again soon!

Stay inspired and journal on!

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