March journaling prompts.
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March Journaling Prompts – Spring Theme Writing Challenge

We’ve approached the third month of the year, and so here are March journaling prompts for you to explore and spice up your journal. You can also use these prompts as a 31-day writing challenge if you’d like.

Since this is the month when spring arrives (well, at least in the northern hemisphere), March journaling prompts carry that theme. I’ve compiled a list of questions inspired by this season, but there are also prompts about beginnings and awakenings since spring associates with these things as well.

(if you also like to doodle, you can find my March doodle challenge that follows the same theme)

As with my previous (and future) journaling prompts, you can of them so you can instantly have all the prompts by your side.

Here is a list of March writing prompts for your journal.

  1. What are the things I associate with spring?
  2. What do I love about spring?
  3. What is one spring event that I look forward to each year and why?
  4. Which 5 items would be a must in my ideal spring basket?
  5. My favorite spring outfit.
  6. What’s my favorite spring flower and why do I like it?
  7. What’s the one thing about spring that makes me happy?
  8. My memories of spring when I was a child.
  9. My favorite place to go to in spring.
  10. How can I make this spring memorable?
  11. My favorite quote about spring.
Inspirational quote - Spring, a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.
  1. My favorite spring activities.
  2. Describe one important event that happened to me during the springtime.
  3. Daylight saving time – yay or nay?
  4. What can I learn from spring?
  5. Name at least one way how I can put this knowledge to work.
  6. At what time would I like to wake up each day and why?
  7. What would I like to begin to do?
  8. What am I looking forward to?
  9. The one thing I would like to start over  – and why.
  10. What are some habits that would be good to start?
List of 31 springtime journaling prompts infographics.
  1. What are 3 things I procrastinate about the most? 
  2. What’s the biggest reason why I procrastinate?
  3. Think of 3 ways how I can overcome it.
  4. What’s the one thing I should start, such that would have the biggest impact on my life?
  5. What would I like to be more?
  6. What would I like to be less?
  7. Write down 3 things I wish I’ve started sooner.
  8. Write down 3 things I wish I didn’t obsess about as much as I did.
  9. What I would like to be more aware of each day and why?
  10. How much have I changed during this month?

And that’s it – 31 springtime writing prompts for each day of March. 

You can consider them as a starting point for your journaling adventure, where you can explore and write about a single prompt as much (or little πŸ˜‰ ) as you’d like.

Don’t forget to take a of these journaling prompts, while you can follow me on my favorite platform – Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration. πŸ˜‰

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