May doodle prompts
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May Doodle Challenge

As you probably know, April drawing prompts were all about gardening (and a bit of Easter joy), so I’ve decided to search for inspiration indoors for the May doodle challenge.

Since the summer will soon come, and the weather’s getting better and better each day, there will be enough time in the future for drawing all those fun outdoor activities.

(can’t wait – both the doodles and the real-life fun!)

However, this month’s drawing prompts will revolve around work – office work to be more precise.

After all, May starts with International Worker’s Day. 

(and if you’re working from home, you can read my 10 tips on how to create a perfect home office)

As with every other month, here’s a free printable page with already filled-out drawing prompts so you could instantly start creating your doodles. 🙂

Or you can write down the prompts in your planner or a journal – here’s their list:

  1. Number 5
  2. Letter W
  3. Files
  4. Pencils
  5. Laptop
  6. Desk lamp
  7. Agenda
  8. Computer monitor
  9. Keyboard
  10. Notes
  11. Phone
  12. Briefcase
  13. Computer mouse
  14. Calculator 
  15. To-do list
  16. Desk calendar
  17. Stapler
  18. Paper clips and pins
  19. Office desk
  20. Certificate
  21. printer/scanner
  22. Paper bin
  23. Paper shredder
  24. Money
  25. Stamp
  26. Letters
  27. Idea
  28. CDs and USB
  29. Office chair
  30. Package
  31. Chart

Or, if you’re a visual type, here’s a list of prompts represented in a fun, graphic way.

(pssst, don’t forget to pin it! 😉 )

May doodle challenge - list of drawing prompts infographic

That’s it for now – those were all drawing prompts for the May doodle challenge!

If you’re in the mood for sharing your creations on Instagram, I’d love to see them!

Just add #clpdoodlechallenge or tag me @cutelittlepaper.

Also, if you’re a fan of writing and are looking for some career-inspired ideas, check out my May journaling prompts. There’s a list of daily writing prompts that you and your journal will love!

You know the saying – time goes by so fast (anybody else hears Pia Zadora’s voice or it’s just me? 😀 ) and June will come before you know it, so I hope you’ll stop by here again and enjoy the next set of drawing prompts. 🙂

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