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May Journaling Prompts For Self Discovery

May’s here and so it’s time for another round of journaling prompts that you can add to your bullet journal or planner.

(if you, by any chance, still didn’t start your first bullet journal, I’ve got to tell you – you’re gonna love it, and here’s a beginner’s guide to see how simple it actually is)

Following the themes of my last year’s doodle challenges, May writing prompts will cover the topic of professional life, work, and career. I know, to some of you it’s maybe not the most enjoyable topic to write about, but you’ll see, it will be a fun ride – and maybe you’ll even get some breakthrough and “aha” moments out of it.

Oh, I almost forgot, you can take a free printable version of all the prompts so you don’t have to rewrite them and spend the time on this step.

And without further ado, here’s the list of May journaling prompts.

  1. What I wanted to be when I was a child?
  2. How did this evolve over time?
  3. Explain what work (in general) means to me.
  4. What are my talents?
  5. Name the things I am good at.
  6. Who/what influenced my choice of occupation?
  7. What jobs have I worked so far?
  8. Describe my current job or profession.
  9. What did I think about my profession just before I started to work in it?
  10. Now that I’m in that industry, does my job look the way I thought it would be – explain.
  11. What are the pros and cons of the job I’m at?
  12. Name the part of my work I love the most and explain why.
  13. What is the part of my work I like the least and why?
  14. What are the tasks at my work at which I spend most of my time?
  15. Can I speed up the process?
List of 31 self discovery journaling prompts infographic.
  1. What would my ideal office/workspace look like?
  2. What tools do I use at my work?
  3. What is the one tool I like using the most (that helps the most)?
  4. If I could do anything, I would…
  5. How do people benefit from the work I do? What is my impact?
  6. In my opinion, how much do people value the work I do?
  7. Describe the highlight of my career I had so far.
  8. Write about my professional relationship with colleagues.
  9. Write about my professional relationship with my boss.
  10. How could I be better and improve at my job?
  11. Do I have a side hustle? If not, what could it be?
  12. Why did I choose (or would choose) this as my side hustle?
  13. How do I see myself 5 years from now, profession-wise?
  14. What are some goals for my professional life?
  15. How can I make them happen?
  16. Plan out the first steps and start taking action.

And those were all writing prompts for May. (don’t forget to take the free printable list)

I believe they will help you explore and discover some interesting thoughts and beliefs you have about your professional life – or maybe even inspire you to make some adjustments or changes.

Follow me on Pinterest for more creative ideas, and as always, keep journaling and enriching your life through the insights you get from it.

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