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October Journaling Prompts – Halloween And Fall Theme

Get ready to warm up your creative side because October journaling prompts are here to bring you some extra fun into your days.

As you probably already know, these monthly writing prompts are mostly based on the topics of last year’s doodle challenges.

(do check them out if you’re also a fan of drawing!)

Since Halloween was October’s leitmotif (not a big surprise, right?), it will also be the topic of this month’s journaling prompts – with an addition of some fall-themed ideas sprinkled in between.

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I’m sure you’re more than curious to see the list of October journaling prompts, so – here it is!

  1. Write about my best Halloween yet.
  2. Name the pros and cons of fall.
  3. Write about my earliest Halloween memories.
  4. Make a plan to DIY the most creative Halloween decoration.
  5. Write a checklist of things to do during fall.
  6. What’s the funniest moment I had during Halloween?
  7. Make a top 10 Halloween movie list.
  8. Write down the recipe for my favorite pumpkin dessert.
  9. What I do and don’t love about Halloween?
  10. If I could be a vampire or a witch, what would I rather be and why?
  11. My favorite quote about fall.
Inspirational quote - Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower
  1. What would be my perfect Halloween costume?
  2. What was the spookiest thing that happened in my life?
  3. Write about an important event that happened to me during the fall season.
  4. Make a Halloween playlist.
  5. What do I have in common with a ghost, zombie, and werewolf?
  6. Think of 5 inexpensive ways that’ll add a fall feeling to my living space.
  7. Who is an evil witch (or warlock) in my life, and why do I think so?
  8. Draw 5 Jack-o’-Lantern faces.
  9. What are the 5 things I associate with fall?
List of October Halloween journaling prompts
  1. If I’d be face to face with Frankenstein, what would I ask him – and what might be his answer?
  2. Write about the spookiest movie I’ve watched.
  3. Write down how a cozy fall evening looks to me, and then make it happen.
  4. What is my biggest fear and why do I think so?
  5. How real is that fear and is there a way I can overcome it?
  6. My 3 favorite fall activities.
  7. Who is my favorite Halloween character and why?
  8. Read about the mummification process – and write down what I found to be the most fascinating about it.
  9. If I could change one thing about fall, what would it be?
  10. What could I add to the Halloween celebration that would make it even more special?
  11. Think of 3 ways I can creatively use leftover Halloween treats.

And those were the mix of fall and Halloween journaling prompts for you to explore and have fun during October.

Don’t forget to take a free printable list if you’d like to quickly have all of these October journaling prompts by your side, or save it to Pinterest so you can easily get back to them later on. 😉

Enjoy your journaling adventure and happy Halloween!

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