Bullet Journal Health And Fitness Trackers Set

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Be in tip-top shape with this bullet journal health and fitness set.

With 19 printable pages to track, note, and plan out many different health aspects in a creative way, you can be certain you’ll stay on top of your physical and mental well-being throughout the entire year.


Bullet journal health & fitness trackers set – 19 printable bullet journal template pages:

  • YEARLY HEALTH TRACKER – designed as a year on one page to quickly get an overview of your health throughout the year
  • PERIOD TRACKER – year on one page design to simultaneously track your period and PMS or other symptoms
  • PERIOD TRACKER – year on one page design for tracking your period and its duration
  • MOOD TRACKER – year on one page design to track your mood or mental health throughout the year
  • SLEEP TRACKER – month on a page design to track the time when you were asleep as well as its overall duration – with a space to write down a small daily note if needed
  • MIGRAINE TRACKER – track the occurrence, pain level, localization, medication, and possible triggers of your migraines
  • HEADACHE TRACKER – year on one page design to help you track the occurrence and the intensity of your headaches
  • MEDICINE TRACKER – two-page design; meant to track occasional use of medicines (5 different medicines up to 10 days)
  • DAILY MEDICINE TRACKER – designed to track your regular daily therapy (up to 5 different medicines for one month – 31 days)
  • DR VISITS TRACKER – track your various medical appointments, their causes, and outcomes
  • BLOOD PRESSURE TRACKER – for regular or occasional measurements of blood pressure (page can be used for one week if you measure your blood pressure twice per day)
  • VITAMIN TRACKER – can be used to track the intake of up to 6 vitamins simultaneously for one month, or up to six months if you track the intake of a single vitamin – depending on the number of vitamins you consume on a regular basis
  • BODY MEASURES TRACKER – track the circumference of your hands, bust, waist, hips, and legs – with space for six group measurements
  • WEIGHT TRACKER – track the changes in your weight – from your current state to the one you aim for, with 13 intermediate steps in between. Ambiguous design that can be used both as a weight loss tracker and also as a weight gain tracker (if needed)
  • STAY HYDRATED TRACKER – year on one page water intake tracker
  • CALORIES TRACKER – month on a page design to track your daily intake of calories (up to 4000 kCal per day)
  • STEPS TRACKER – monthly tracker to note the number of steps you made in a day (with a space for the month’s total)
  • WORKOUT TRACKER – year on one page design to track up to 5 different workout types

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