Goal Setting Worksheets

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If you want a straightforward approach to goal setting, then goal-setting worksheets are the right choice for you.

These pages will help you to set goals, break them down into smaller steps, and easily make an action plan that’ll serve you as a guide to your goal achievement.


These goal setting worksheets are designed to get clear and be precise about your goal, create a goal action plan, and conquer goal-overwhelm by having small, specific tasks which you can easily start working on.

This kit contains 5 pages:

  • ONE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE – can be used as a cover page
  • YOUR MAIN GOALS – this page is an empty list where you can set up to 10 main goals for a specified time frame
  • A SMART GOAL TEMPLATE – precisely define each of your main goals
  • MINI-GOALS PAGE – this is an empty list that lets you create up to 10 mini-goals needed to be done for the completion of the specific main goal. This list also contains options for setting time-frames and progress checks
  • MINI-GOAL ACHIEVEMENT PLAN – this page allows you to break down your mini-goal into five steps, with 3 sub-steps in each one of them. All come with an option to specify an estimated end date and check your progress. As an extra, each step of the mini-goal has its ˝notes & ideas˝ section.

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