Level 10 Life Printable Template Pages

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How close are you to living a balanced life? What do you need to improve to have the life of your dreams?

A set of Level 10 Life (wheel of life) printable pages will help you to uncover this so you can set goals that fit you perfectly.


Explore the various aspects of your life and discover what goals to set so you can be closer to living the lifestyle of your dreams – your Level 10 Life.

This printable level 10 life set is a bundle of 4 different mini-sets: 

  • CIRCLE – a classic wheel of life design
  • FLOWER – another design similar to the classic wheel of life

Each mini-set contains 3 pages:

  • WHAT IS MY LEVEL 10? – a page to define what would be your perfect image of a certain life aspect
  • MY LEVEL 10 LIFE – a page to note your position on a level from 1-10
  • MY LEVEL 10 LIFE GOALS – a page to brainstorm some goals that would move you closer to your “Level 10”

Every page has a place to record up to 10 different life aspects.

The names of life aspects are left blank, so you can define them according to your needs.

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