Watercolor Goal Planner

17.00 $

Discover, set, plan out, track, review, and evaluate your goals with this ultimate watercolor goal planner set.

Undated monthly, weekly, and daily pages let you use this planner year after year, for as long as you like.

Nifty feature – fully editable PDF files let you use this planner completely digitally.

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Printable goal planner – discover, set, plan, track, evaluate, and achieve your goals; and when you plan to set new ones – take this template and start using it all over again!

This goal planner has 50+ pages that’ll help you to:

    • discover your most important goal in 5 different life aspects (family and friends, health, career, finance, personal growth)
    • choose the ones to focus on
    • set your goals in a SMART format,
    • note how to stay motivated to reach your goal,
    • define milestones and their due dates,
    • further break down each milestone,
    • name specific action steps you should follow through 
    • write down the big picture on a yearly planner page,
    • be more specific about what milestones you should reach, what actions you need to take, and how to stay focused using a monthly planner page,
    • weekly planner page to define your focus and targets you should achieve, and name the actions you plan to take in a specific week,
    • set your focus for the day, note the top 3 priorities and needed action tasks in a daily planner page (two versions – block design with morning/afternoon/evening boxes and schedule design with time from 5 AM to midnight)
    • note your wins and defeats on a monthly basis,
    • define strategies and actions that worked,
    • uncover possible reasons for defeats,
    • write down what you learned from both wins and defeats,
    • define strategies and actions you’ll continue to use, stop using, or try out next.
    • set the metrics you’re tracking for achieving your goal (up to 5 parameters),
    • quantify their final outcome,
    • note the numbers you achieved for each parameter in each week (you can track your goal on a single page for 52 weeks).

The pages of this goal planner come as fully editable PDFs with both Sunday and Monday start monthly and weekly pages.

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