November journaling prompts
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November Journaling Prompts

Buckle up and get ready for a self-improvement journey because November journaling prompts are here to guide you to become the best version of yourself.

You probably know by now that these monthly writing prompts have the same themes as last year’s doodle challenges. Therefore, it’s no secret – November writing prompts are all about self-care. 

This list of self-care journaling prompts will help you discover your weak spots, find ways how you can recharge your body, mind, and soul, and, hopefully, create a lasting self-care routine.

(and if you’re looking for more ideas on this topic, you can also check out my posts about the best self-care activities for different times of the day, how to find the time for self-care, or see some self-care activities you can easily pull off even if you don’t have much time)

It’s always a good time to pause a bit and take a better look at the way we take care of ourselves, so without further ado, here is a full list of November journaling prompts.

  1. Why is self-care important or should be important to me?
  2. What do I consider self-care to be?
  3. Write 20 positive facts about me.
  4. Write down my perfect daily routine.
  5. What prevents me from making or maintaining a successful routine?
  6. Think of ways I can overcome it.
  7. What are my self-care weak spots?
  8. My favorite self-care quote.
Inspirational quote - You gotta nourish to flourish
  1. Write down a list of habits I’d like to adopt.
  2. What is one daily habit that would make the biggest impact on my life?
  3. Make a habit tracker with one new habit and set a challenge to fully fill it out for the next 30 days.
  4. What are some of the habits I’d like to eliminate?
  5. How can I accomplish that?
  6. Make a list of inspirational quotes and/or affirmations that can always lift up my spirit.
  7. What are the 3 things I stress about the most?
  8. Think of 5 ways I can reduce that stress or eliminate each stressor.
  9. Make a mood tracker.
  10. Write down three music lists – one to relax, one to energize, and one to uplift me.
  11. Make a list of self-care activities that focus on the wellbeing of my body.
  12. Make a list of self-care activities that focus on the wellbeing of my mind.
  13. Make a list of self-care activities that focus on the wellbeing of my soul.
  14. Pick one most meaningful item from each of these lists and start practicing them right now. (and don’t forget to add them to your habit tracker)
November self-care journaling prompts list infographics
  1. Make a plan on how to stay motivated in case I start to neglect my self-care routine.
  2. Write down my morning self-care routine.
  3. Write down my evening self-care routine.
  4. How well do I sleep? Is there a way to improve its quality?
  5. Make a sleep tracker.
  6. Write down 5 ways how I can eat healthier food.
  7. Make a gratitude list.
  8. Set 3 self-care goals for the year ahead.

And that’s it – I hope you’ll have a great time exploring and improving your self-care routine with these November journaling prompts. 

If you’d like to quickly add all of these prompts to your journal or planner, feel free to take a printable version of this list or save it on Pinterest so you can easily revisit it whenever you like.

Enjoy November in the best possible way, and don’t forget to come back again in December for the last set of my monthly writing prompts. 🙂

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