September doodle prompts
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September Doodle Challenge

September doodle challenge is here! 🙂

It’s that time of the year… 

Now you might wonder what I mean by it?

Well, I’m talking about the beginning of the school year, of course!

(and that will be, just like you guessed, the theme of this month’s doodle challenge

Now, even if you’re not a pupil, a student, or a teacher, there’s a slim probability you have no connection with some form of the school year and everything it brings.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s a high chance you’re at least a parent, cousin, wife/husband, or even grandparent to some of the categories mentioned here.

And even if not, through this doodle challenge you can remember the days when you were in a classroom and how your life was undeniably different (if nothing else, probably more carefree!).

As always, here’s a free printable page with already filled-out drawing prompts so you could instantly start creating your doodles. 🙂

Alternatively, have a look at the list, write it down in your planner or a journal, and let your creative juices start flowing!

Here are this month’s drawing prompts.

  1. Number 9
  2. Letter S
  3. Apple
  4. School Bus
  5. School Building
  6. Lunchbox
  7. Timetable
  8. School bag
  9. Blackboard
  10. Chalks
  11. Sponge
  12. Desk & Chair
  13. Pencil & Eraser
  14. Pens & Markers
  15. Stickers
September doodle challenge - list of school themed drawing prompts infographic
  1. Notebook
  2. Books
  3. Geography Class
  4. Biology Class
  5. History Class
  6. Language Class
  7. Math Class
  8. Science Class
  9. Physical Education
  10. Art Class
  11. Music Class
  12. Clock
  13. Exam
  14. Grades
  15. School Bell

And those were the September doodle challenge drawing prompts!

Hope you like them and you’ll join the challenge. 🙂

If you do, and you’re not shy to share your creations, I’d love to see them on Instagram!

Just add #clpdoodlechallenge or tag me @cutelittlepaper.

See you again soon with a new set of drawing prompts!

(and if you’d like to have a single place for your drawings, thoughts, and plans consider starting a bullet journal – it’s much easier than you may think, yet is super-fun -and useful- to keep one!)

Oh, and if you want to see my other doodle challenges in one place (because, why not – maybe you’ll want to do more than one drawing per day?), you can check them out by visiting this link.

Also, if you’re a fan of writing and are looking for some school-inspired ideas, check out my September journaling prompts. There’s a list of daily writing prompts that you and your journal will love!

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