September journaling prompts
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September Journaling Prompts

Prepare your favorite pen and pick a cozy spot because September journaling prompts are here with a fresh set of questions to journal about.

If you ask me, no matter how old I am, September and school will always be tied together, so I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise that this month’s writing prompts will have school and learning as a theme.

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To make your journaling adventure easier, you can get a of all the September journaling prompts (and if you’re looking for more writing ideas, take a look at my other monthly writing prompts).

I’m sure you’re curious to see what the daily topics are, so without further ado – here’s a list of September journaling prompts!

  1. Write about the memory of my first school day.
  2. What do I like about school (or what did I like)?
  3. What I donโ€™t like about school (or didnโ€™t like)?
  4. What feels easier to me – natural or social sciences? What might be the reasons for this?
  5. How valuable school is/was to me?
  6. What Iโ€™m expecting to get out of my education and why is that important to me?
  7. Knowing what I know now, education vise, would I change anything?
  8. Write about my favorite school subject.
  9. What are the topics that interest me the most?
  10. Where else can I learn (find resources) about the topics of my interest?
List of back to school September journaling prompts infographic
  1. Who is/was my favorite teacher and why?
  2. If I could create and be in charge of my own school, what would that school look like?
  3. How important college is to me? Explain why.
  4. Write about the memory of the best school event that happened to me.
  5. What was my most embarrassing moment at school?
  6. Write down a few fun moments and/or anecdotes that happened to me at school.
  7. My favorite quote about school.
  8. What (academic) skills do I need to sharpen or improve?
  9. Name 5 ways how I can improve them.
  10. Explore and write down methods that can help me study better and/or be more efficient.
  11. What learning style fits me the most? (audio, visual, kinesthetic…)
  12. How can I add more of that style into my learning process?
  13. Learning Vs practice – name both their pros and cons.
  14. My favorite quote about learning.
Inspirational quote. If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.
  1. Write down my ideal study routine and take steps to make it a habit.
  2. How is education perceived and treated in my family?
  3. When it comes to my education, what I believe is the biggest hurdle that stops me from reaching my full potential?
  4. Think of at least 3 ways how I can overcome it.
  5. Write about my current 3 favorite office supplies.
  6. Whatโ€™s the greatest life lesson Iโ€™ve learned so far?

And those were this month’s writing prompts.

As you could see, it’s an interesting mix of cheerful, fun, and serious journaling prompts, which I hope will help you catch, explore, or even uncover some of your memories, thoughts, and beliefs about different aspects of education.

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Enjoy September and happy journaling!

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