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Tracker Ideas – Things To Track In Bullet Journal Or Planner

If you decided to start a bullet journal you might also look for tracker ideas that you could add to your pages.

If that’s the case – seek no further!

Here’s an ultimate list of 150+ different trackers you can use for any occasion.

(you could literally get lost here with all the possibilities available! 😀 )

To make browsing this article easier, I’ve organized this list of things to track into groups so you can jump straight to the section which interests you the most.

Ready to see this ultimate list of tracker ideas?  

Here it is!

Happy tracking! 😉

Career & Work Trackers

Working days  

Hours worked

Meetings tracker

Product creation

Product/service sales

Business certificates gained

Business courses I’ve attended

Business courses I want to attend

Study tracker

Grade tracker

School / college class attendance


Things To Track In Your Online Business

Website/blog analytic/stats tracker

Blog posts published

Blog posts updates

Keywords used

Tags used

Videos created

Social media account statistics

Social media followers

Facebook groups joined

Facebook groups – thread tracker

Pinned to Pinterest

Hashtags used

Email subscribers tracker

Email campaigns


Financial Trackers


Bills paid


Budget tracker





No-spend days

Valuable assets

Online purchases


(here you can take a look at different bullet journal budget and finance pages to get ideas and inspiration for your own layouts)

Inspirational quote - you get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.

Health & Wellbeing Trackers

Weight loss



Water intake


What I ate in a day

Sugar intake

No alcohol

No smoking

Period tracker



Mood tracker

(you can check out mood tracker ideas for some creative inspiration!)




Symptoms tracker

Doctor’s appointments

Dental appointments

Manicure/pedicure appointments

Hair salon visits

Skincare routine tracker


Spa days


(and have a look at best self-care activities for different times of a day or quick self-care ideas when you’re short on time)

Sick days

Vet visits

Pet medicine

Pet grooming/cleaning

(if you want to see some examples, check out these creative bullet journal health and fitness pages)

Kids Trackers


School attendance

Out of school activities

Daycare attendance

Chores done


Kids growth

Tooth fairy visits

Baby’s sleep



Family & Friends Trackers

Family activities

(see some fun activities that will bring you closer together)

Snail mail

Get togethers with friends

Parties attended

Parties hosted

Events attended

Events hosted


Holiday gifts

Birthday gifts

Phone calls

Relationship (Romance) Trackers

Date nights

(and here are 25 not-so-common ideas on how you can spend your time together)



Gestures of love


Compliments received/gave

List of 150+ things to track in your bullet journal infographic

Home & Garden Things To Track

Cleaning tracker

House maintenance

House repairs

Car maintenance

Car repairs


(check out the post on meal planning – you’ll discover why it’s useful to have one and get a step-by-step guide on how to create it)

New meals tried out

Fridge/pantry inventory


Electricity used

Water used

Plants watered


Documents expiring

Environment Trackers


Sunset / sunrise

Moon phases

World events

Local events


Things To Track On Your Personal Development Journey

Habit tracker

(you must have a look at the habit tracker’s benefits because it can give you so many insights if you know the right way to approach it. Also, believe it or not, you can even use a habit tracker instead of a planner – see how!)

Printable habit tracker set bullet journal templates


Books to read

Books read

Courses to take

(check out free online courses on Alison)

Courses took


(in case you don’t know, I’m super-passionate about goals and here you can find many posts about this topic, but I think the best, and most comprehensive, is this one that guides you from creating to achieving your goal)

My skills

Morning routine tracker

Evening routine tracker

Daily routine

(consider reading how to create a schedule as an intro to creating a consistent daily routine)


(tracking your achievements is a great way to see your success in one place. you can check out 6 more lists you can make to both do the work and feel happy and content)

What I learned

Podcast listened

Trackers For The Spiritual Aspect

Church visits



Trackers For Hobbies, Creativity, And Fun Time


Trips to take

Trips taken

Weekend getaways

Crafts to try

Crafts tried

Music to listen

Music listened

Movies to watch

Movies watched

TV shows to watch

TV shows watched

TV episode/season tracker


(have a look at all my monthly journaling prompts for the entire year of fun and creative journaling ideas, and if you’re also a fan of doodles, then check out my monthly doodle challenges!)

BuJo fillout

(if you haven’t started your bullet journal yet, here’s a complete -and honest- guide to bullet journaling for beginners)

Dreams tracker


Museums / galleries visits

Outdoor activities

Classes attended

Sport events attended

Favorite Sport team

Printable bullet journal collection pages set

Trackers For Community Aspect

Local activities involved in

And, what do you know – you’ve reached the end!

Although this might seem like an ultimate list of things to track, by all means, it is not a definite one.

Also, I have to say that most of these tracker ideas are categorized according to the Level 10 life.

It’s a good starting point for a self-improvement journey, so if you’re new to this concept and curious to know more about it, you can check out this blog post – it’s worth taking the time.

(and for even more personal development ideas I have a post about 100 goals you can set this -or any other- year)

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