What is level 10 life and why you should use it
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What Is Level 10 Life And What It Can Tell You

I’ve mentioned a level 10 life a couple of post posts earlier when I talked about color-coding your planner and now the time has come to tell you more about it.

It’s a concept originally mentioned in the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. 

(an interesting book to read, I have to say. if you haven’t, I suggest you do! 🙂 )

So, what is a Level 10 Life?

It’s based on the premise of grading our different life aspects on a scale of 1 to 10.

The closer you are to 10, the better.

As the author explains:

If we’re measuring success, satisfaction, and fulfillment in any area of our lives on a scale of one to ten, we all want Level 10, right?

From the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod

Therefore, the “goal” is to reach that 10th level in every life aspect possible.

I know, I know…

It sounds impossible.

All I can tell is that I’m certainly NOT living a Level 10 life in all areas of my life, either.

(yeah, so this will not be the “look how easily I’ve accomplished it” type of post)

However, believe me, that’s not the point.

To me, the real benefit of the Level 10 Life is something different, and soon you’ll see what I mean by it.

What are the parts of the Level 10 Life

In a quest for a Level 10 life, you first need to take into account different life aspects.

What are they?

Simple, they are separate parts of your, mine – everybody’s lives which, in a mix, give us the life we live.

Of course, I won’t leave you only with this terribly vague definition (at least it sounds like that to me 🙂 ). 

Therefore, here’s a list of life aspects and what each one “covers”.

Family & friends

Clearly, this covers the social aspect of your life – your relationship with friends and family members – either close or distant.

(you can have a look at 10 big little things to do with family and friends to create an even stronger bond between you)


A career covers different things regarding your professional life, such as the work you do, professional skills, possibilities for professional growth and advancement, and also your satisfaction with it.

Health And Wellbeing

As stated, this aspect involves everything regarding both your physical and mental health.

It can go from eating healthy food, exercising, staying hydrated, regularly taking your vitamins or medication, and going to medical checkups, to different ways to develop and maintain mental and emotional well-being.

You might decide to add some of these bullet journal health and fitness tracker pages to your planner or journal – there are so many creative options available that’ll help you pay more attention to your health and well-being.

Also, check out the list of the best self-care ideas that are perfect for a certain time in a day.

(here you’ll find a mix of activities that benefit both the body and the mind).


Finance is more of a product of the current work you do, and the lifestyle you lead.

However, since this part of life has an impact (in one way or another) on many other life aspects, it’s worth being considered as a separate entity.

It covers the money you have at your disposal and the ways you’re using it.

(to get an overview of your spending and savings habits see 12+ bullet journal budget tracker and finance page ideas that can also help you manage your money better)

Relationship (Romance)

Although a “family and friends” life aspect also has a relationship component in it, this one primarily focuses on a romantic type of connection.

Therefore, it covers the relationship you have with your significant other, no matter if it’s a boyfriend/girlfriend or a husband/wife.

(here are some fresh & fun ideas that you can try out together)

Personal development

Personal development is a somehow stretchy category, and it covers many different elements that result in your own personal growth.

I think about it this way – those are the things that can not be taken away from me or depend on anybody else.

Therefore, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development can be considered as parts of personal development.

Some examples are identifying and improving your talents or developing new ones, working on your time management and productivity skills, or improving emotional intelligence and so-called “soft skills”.

Another interesting activity that helps your personal development through exploration and self-discovery is using journaling prompts.

Not only do they help your self-improvement process, but can also be fun to answer.


Even though the environment is an external component and you may not perceive it as a part of your life, no one lives in a vacuum.

You can consider the environment to be as simple as different rooms at your home or your office space, or on a larger scale – the entire Earth.

Especially now, when so much awareness is raised to the topic of global warming and environmental changes, it is vital to think about ways we can give back to what Mother Nature has given us.

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This aspect focuses on everything that’s related to the soul of our beings or the greater meaning of our lives. 

Whether it’s some form of faith, religion, or spiritual techniques that give you an inner calm or a greater connection between your body and your mind, this life aspect covers it.

Hobbies, creativity, fun

Another important life aspect worth considering is your “free time”, which you should spend wisely and use for activities that recharge you and make you love your life.

This is where your hobbies, fun activities, and creative ideas step in.

Whether it’s working on your hobbies, taking some time to draw doodles, trying new activities that enrich you – like taking some art course you’d like, or traveling, visiting places you’d like to see, and seeking new adventures – this life aspect covers it.

(pssst… no need to brainstorm – here are 25 things you can do by yourself in your free time, plus they don’t cost a thing!)


This life aspect focuses on your interaction and contribution to the community. 

No matter if it’s on a local or a global level, being engaged, helping, and showing support to your community or to causes that you care about is the heart of this life aspect.

There you have them – these are the biggest and most commonly used life aspects.

Of course, this list is by no means a definite one.

Although you can find many articles that claim there are 10 “parts” of a Level 10 Life (and the list above accidentally has that same number), it doesn’t have to be so.

You can have as little or as many life aspects as you’d like.

What you should pay attention to is that they give a good representation of the life you live and be sure not to miss the areas that are important to you.

Therefore, you can add some other aspects of your life, or extract a part of a life aspect and make it a separate one.

(it’s usually something you’d like to focus on more)

Also, as you see, some aspects seem to overlap, and maybe the best approach is to first determine what a specific life aspect means to you.

Once you finish with your life aspects and write them down, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Inspirational quote - Don't go through life, grow through life.

What does the Level 10 Life tell you?

Where are you in this picture?

If you want to get the real benefits from the Level 10 Life, you need to know where you stand in this picture.

Therefore, the first thing is to evaluate your current level for each life aspect on a scale of 1 to 10.

This is a subjective part and the grading will depend upon your vision of what “10” means to you and how close you are to it.

So, how to evaluate it?

We all know what 1 would be – an (almost) nonexistence of a certain aspect in your life.

However, to properly place yourself on any level above 1, you need to have some sense of scale and its steps.

Here’s what I do to make this leveling thing easier to grasp.

I start off by writing down what Level 10 means to me for each life aspect.

Think about what you would be absolutely happy and satisfied with.

What would be the perfect image of your life for each aspect?

Then I write it down, so I can keep it as a reference.

(for future comparisons, as you will later see)

From there, I can get a better sense of grading by making classes.

For example, you can divide the levels into “poor”, “fair”, “medium”, “good”, and “excellent”, and each one will have two levels in it.

(I know this sounds like a school grading system, but it works well for me and that’s what I do to clarify them. 🙂 )

This gives me a pretty good orientation as to where to place my current level for a certain life aspect.

You can even get really specific and write down a detailed image of each step, so you’ll exactly know your current (and future) position.

(however, to me, this approach – although good for later comparisons – seems too time-consuming and somehow hard to put on paper, so I’m not using it)

Anyhow, by marking my current levels, I’m finished with this part.

Moving forward with the Level 10 Life

The point of examining a Level 10 Life is to capture the image of your current life in a nutshell.

Note the word “examining”.

Although evaluating your Level 10 Life is the point when writing one, it serves a greater purpose.

You see, a Level 10 Life should be seen as a process, and not as a single point in time – just as life is.

You won’t get much from it if you write it down once, and then completely forget about it.

It’s only a starting point for your subsequent growth.

(and I’ve made a printable template set so you can start living your Level 10 Life as soon as possible 😉 )

Printable Level 10 Life Set - 4 different templates.

Once you see in black and white (or in color if you like 😉 ) the good and the not-so-good in your life, that is the moment when your next actions will determine whether you’ll benefit from this knowledge or not.

You can be happy with what you see, or you can feel bad, sad, or unsatisfied.

The most probable outcome is that you’ll feel a mix of different emotions and thoughts after you finish evaluating your Level 10 Life.

And it’s all ok.

The vital part is not to let those emotions paralyze you in any way.

No matter if you’re satisfied with the “results” or not, there is always room for progress.

Therefore, take a deep breath, emotionally distance yourself if you have to, and get a good look at what you see.

Decide what you want to change (for the better!), start small so you don’t get overwhelmed, and work from there.

(and if you’re looking for ideas, you can check out a list of 100 goals that you can set to get the inspiration going)

What’s important is not to quit.

Make a move on what you decide to go for with each day.

Little by little, your actions will give you results, and you’ll get closer to that magical level 10 and transform your life the way you want it to be.

If you commit yourself seriously, you’re bound to make progress and change your life for the better.

That’s why it’s useful to re-answer your Level 10 Life from time to time.

It will give you a kick of motivation and a sense of pride when you see your levels gradually move higher and higher.

To get a good overview of the progress you make, reviewing it not too frequently but also not too rarely will work the best.

Once a year is too infrequent for me, so I like to re-access it at the same time when I’m reviewing and evaluating my (bigger) goals, which is once every 3-6 months.

Test and see what works for you the best.

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The benefits of writing down your Level 10 Life (and many more thereafter!)

When you start following this process, you’ll discover its benefits on your own.

But if you’re curious to see them up front, here are some that I’ve found to be the most valuable to mention.

The way I see it, a Level 10 Life 

  • helps your personal growth,
  • gives you clarity of the life you’d like to live,
  • helps you be more mindful about your life,
  • makes goal setting clearer and easier,
  • reminds you to live a balanced life.

Maybe the best explanation of the Level 10 Life is that it’s about the journey and not about the destination.

Although you can view reaching a “level 10” as an ultimate goal, the point is to be a better version of yourself with each day.

And what do you know – someday you might reach all those level 10s.


It always seems impossible until it’s done.

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