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Why Creativity Is Important? (The Benefits Of Creativity And Why Everyone Should Practice It)

Yes, creativity is important, but let’s face it – creativity (by itself) is probably not high on your list of important matters in life.

Maybe it’s not on that list at all!

Maybe you perceive it as something which is accessible only to the people who have the free time for it.

And you may wonder “Why should I even bother with creativity when I have a life packed with numerous urgent/important tasks that need to be done, and time is a limited commodity?”.

(or perhaps, “urgent/important” would be the better term, therefore check this out – Is Urgent REALLY Urgent? and tell me your opinion)

Well, let’s list a few benefits you get from being creative, and maybe you’ll then be more willing to emerge into the neverending world of creativity.

Creativity is FUN!

It’s enough to stand as a reason for itself.

No supportive evidence is needed!

And, speaking of fun, you can read about 25 Things To Do By Yourself -For Free- or Fresh & Fun Things To Do In A Relationship to get some additional ideas for a good time.

It’ll bring you back the feeling of your childhood days.

Creativity is all about exploring variations through play, and you can’t find a better recollection of it than a memory of your childhood days!

Remember the joy, the freedom, the sense of never-ending days (and whatever warm image about your childhood play you may have)?

You will discover something new about yourself.

Creativity can pull you in all sorts of unexpected directions.

Through exploration (and experimentation) you could discover your new interests and passions.

You DO understand that this means personal growth?

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It will make you feel alive.

Fun + Play = Alive.

You really feel alive when you do the things which fill you with joy.

Who on Earth wants to spend its entire (adult) life living like a pre-defined robot with no room for fun?

(sure, there are other ways to fill the days with joy, but doing creative stuff is the one item that stands high on the ranking list)

It doesn’t have to take much of your (precious) time.

If you think that you need much time to express your creativity, you’re 100% wrong.

It sure appears like the creative work consumes so much time, but it’s only an illusion.

It’s because creativity has its way of pulling you in, and you just don’t want to stop (that’s the reason why it appears so).

But even in 10 to 15 minutes you can unleash the creative power and see the magical results it brings.

You could make something you’ll be proud of (and, as a bonus, it could be useful, too).

Creativity is bound to some form of expression, and some of them include material ones.

Use your creativity to make something for yourself, or for your loved ones.

Maybe it will be only decorative, maybe it’ll be practical, but it could also be both!

Whatever you make is unique, and there’s no way you won’t be proud of it.

You could use your creativity to earn some extra money, or even to become your full-time job.

If you discover you are really good at crafting (or at any other sphere in a vast arsenal of possibilities), and there are people who like and would use your creative product, why not decide to use it to earn some extra buck or even make a full-time job out of it?

(woo-hoo! wouldn’t that be all-day-fun?)

It will give you a boost in motivation.

Creativity feeds on itself.

The more you’re into it, the more it grows.

The more it grows, the more you’re motivated because you see the progress in you and around you.

(want some more ideas to get the motivation back? see – 10 Proven Motivation Boosters)

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It’ll give you a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.

By making you proud of yourself, giving you a motivation boost, perhaps even by making money out of it, creativity gives you more confidence in yourself.

And not just that.

It also boosts your self-esteem, because you value yourself more when you know to do more, and you do learn new things by being creative.

Creativity comes in many forms.

The coolest thing about creativity is that it comes in so many different forms.

You can draw, paint, sketch, take pictures, design a number of items or spaces (yeah, you can view gardening as a form of creative expression, as well!), write (in a 1001 way), create music, record videos, make plays (remember the homemade theatre as a child?), set up the food on a plate in a creative way, add creative accessories to your style or even make individual clothing items by yourself…

The best part?

You don’t have to choose between them.

You can freely use whatever form you want, whenever you want!

So, there’s no way you can’t find one branch of creative expression that doesn’t suit you.


Have I convinced (or inspired) you to be creative?

(speaking of inspiration, you can follow me on Pinterest for more inspiring and creative ideas and tips)

And admit it, you’re being creative even now, but haven’t thought about it in this way.

So tell me, on what do you spend your creativity the most?

I’d love to know!

Here’s to creativity! 🙂

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  1. I like to channel my creativity into creating motivational designs. This is something I do just for me and my office is littered with print-outs of beautifully designed templates for productivity checklists and weekly calendars.

    1. Yay, that is great! Would love to see your office and designs! Thanks for sharing it here.

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